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Are there any bad-credit loans for UK tenants that don't require a guarantor?

Please, only serious answers and nothing judgemental - many thanks.

We got onto serious financial problems a couple of years ago following my going part-time after having had breast cancer and my husband losing his job. We tried a craft business but it simply did not pay. Not eligible for benefit. Therefore both of us are now job-seeking.

We have made informal arrangements with our creditors, which run smoothly. Nothing has gone far as CCJ or IVA stage.

We are in a desperate financial situation - facing possible bankruptcy and eviction from our privately rented property. We have a bad-credit lender willing to lend us just enough to tide us over until my husband gets a job and I get full time employment. We know we can repay this.

However, the company who have made us the offer require a guarantor with good credit and in full time employment, which means we are going to have to ask a friend or family member to guarantee the loan for us.

Do all such lenders ask this?

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    Bad things happen to Good people all the time.

    Here in Michigan where I live, Yes, Lenders have the right to ask for a co-signer on a "low risk" applicant.

    Not saying that you would not pay the money back, but the majority of the Banks/Lenders come across this ordeal everyday, and they don't know you and they are only trying to protect their Interest.

    This way, if for some reason you do de-fault, the Lender has someone to fall back onto to retrieve their money, usually here, the co-signer has to have some form of collateral, (example) Home. Something they can attach a lien onto if the monies are not paid back.

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    Good Luck!

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    limited choices for uk here but there are a couple

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