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急急急!!~~關於air supply空中補給的作文


關於air supply的介紹大概4~5minutes


我要英文的 多謝多謝~~!!



最好能充分表現出air supply 的特色

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    因為我喜歡air supply的歌但我不太瞭解他們我盡量試試Air Supply is a group from Australia.  In their albums, you can find many beautiful love songs.  They have classical accents as well as wonderful voice.  Those love songs in their albums are intriguing and fascinating.  Their lyrics are meaningful and touching.  I love their songs so much.  Air Supply is my favorite group.  Their songs inspired and inginted me a lifelong passion for learning English.  In a word, I learned a lot from listening to Air Supply's love songs.  你可能還要自己再加點東西.... 

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