Fishing in Florida!?

Where can you fish in Central and Gulf area florida (well known or secret spots) and what can you catch there? I dont care where or what kind of fishing I just need some different places and what to expect from those places.

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    Try the Long Pier at Redington Beach, the pier at Clearwater Beach, the Sunshine Skyway (St. Petersburg), Ft. DeSoto Park, John's Pass (Madeira Beach). You can fish from the shore also, anywhere along the beach on the Gulf Coast. Depends upon what is running as to what you will catch. Fishing is good year-round. We have fished at all of these places. Live shrimp is the best bait. Nothing like fresh salt water fish!

    Be careful with the catfish and rays, you can get some nasty stings.

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    West Palm has super fishing.. in the experience that your fishing in summer season throughout the mullet run you may seize severe high quality snook and tarpon.. in case you have chose a solid combat then bypass with shark fishing.. Throw out a ineffective bait, 3'' to 10'', and positioned it on the backside and look ahead to the line to start squealing (keep drag loose)... you may desire to get a shark on your line.. in case you will get a board, raft, or kayak to get your bait out a sprint extra than thats solid.. even with the shown fact that that's perplexing to get some thing severe high quality from the shore till your doing it on the superb time of three hundred and sixty 5 days and you recognize what your targetting.. solid success

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