What are these white spots on my skin?

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I am asian american and have pretty tan skin. I noticed spots on my neck and shoulder going down to my arm. These don't hurt, itch or anything of that matter. They just look bad. ...show more
Update : I just wanted to add that I am embarassed of these when I go to the beach ...show more
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hi i had the same thing it was called tinea versicolor, look it up on the web, try yahoo search under images, they went away with ketocazonol creme i think that is how you spell it, also i have vitligo i doubt you have it though, it could also be another kind of fungus and tinea versicolor is a fungus, it usually occurs from the tanning bed or when in the sun for long periods of time and something about certain peoples skin doesnt produce enough yeast.

mine went away but the doctor said it will come back every summer until i am about 40-45


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thank you !
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  • Wiseone answered 8 years ago
    these may be tinea versicolor, a type of fungal infection which is asymptomatic it is neither permanent nor serious,cause of this condition is a yeast called Pityrosporum orbiculare , the face rarely is affected.
    take 300 mg Fluconazole tab. stat other A single dose of ketoconazole (brand name: Nizoral) or 5 daily doses of itraconazole (brand name: Sporanox) are two therapies your doctor can recommend.
    and use anti fungal cream twice daily remember normal pigmentation take some times 3 month to return normal.
    Vitiligo. This condition results in a permanent loss of pigment. Vitiligo is more likely to affect the skin around the eyes and lips, or the knuckles and joints.
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  • easytofool answered 8 years ago
    You may be having milia.
    You would also like to rule out Vitiligo.

    Small whiteheads that look pearl-like and don't seem to come out of the facial skin are called milia. Milia form due to accumulation of dead skin cells below the epidermis.

    Causes Of Milia

    Our skin sloughs off every day. The dead skin cells are removed and fresh skin cells take their place. When the dead skin cells don't easily get out they accumulate and form milia. Milia is not a disease but accumulated dead skin cells that are not coming out of the skin surface. This can happen due to thick epidermis or other reasons.

    check out Vitiligo- http://www.doctorgoodskin.com/ds/vitilig...


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  • vanessa answered 8 years ago
    the selsun blue shampoo is a long tedious for treating skin fungus if it didnt work then you will need an antifungal medicine that is by presc. only but it will work rapidly and they will fade away permanently. see a dermatologist and let him know what you need therefore he will not prescribe this and that and having you come back and forth until he is ready to give you the cure. their is a new drug called valisone that works well with little side effects otherwise you will have to use an old medicine that takes a month to work and has multiple side effects. you also need a scraping to determine what type of fungus it is before you start treatment. usually they give a course of nystatin orally but it is expensive and takes too long to work good luck.
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  • stascia answered 8 years ago
    they are probably milia, which are whitish discolorations on the skin, sometimes raised like little pimples. they are harmless, dont itch, dont mean you have some underlying disease...just a little white bump on the skin. do a search on milia on the internet for some pictures and see if that's what yours looks like.


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  • Hi y┬┤all ! answered 8 years ago
    It's probably a fungus that you caught at a swimming pool.
    If so, the spots will slowly disappear, but it won't hurt to have a pharmacist look at them. Maybe there is something that will make them disappear faster.
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  • Michelle answered 8 years ago
    It is probably spots from the sun. I have gotten them too. They may also be age spots. I wouldn't worry too much about them unless they change colour or get bigger.
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  • Dogzilla answered 8 years ago
    It's probably a type of fungus. See a dermatologist for the prescription medication.
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