What are the zoning laws for establishing a halfway house for recovering addicts?

My neighbors and myself have just discovered a home on our street is going to be used as a halfway house for recovering drug and/or alcohol addicts. We were not notified of this decision and we are thinking we were to be notified before this could be done. We have a few problems here as it is that we all worry about and we feel the addition to this house it will only compound the problems. We all recognize the need for housing like this but feel it should be in a more rural area or somewhere where there are not already existing problems not to mention there are several families with young kids that live here. We will have no idea who these people are and what other kind of problems they may have such as being a sex offender, violent offenders or a multitude of other things. The house in question is not a large house, sits extremely close to other houses and were already pressed to the max regarding vehicle traffic and parking space. Whom do we contact within our county to talk to?

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    1 decade ago
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    zoning board

    city planner

    county commissioner

    district representative

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