Whats a good way to start writing a novel?

I'm 13, and i have like 20 pages of just written ideas out for a book, its all about the same stuff, information on characters and there background,and plot lines and summaries. But what should i do to start? Just follow what i think is right?

and please dont say that im too young to write a novel!

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  • poohba
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    1 decade ago
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    As long as you are literate, you can write a novel! I think it's great that you're 13 and writing a book.

    It sounds like you've done your homework on figuring out who your characters are and where they are going. I always like to do that beforehand too.

    But, if you're thinking it's time to start, it probably is. When you get to that point, the only thing to do is to sit down and start writing. It might help if you have an opening line in mind. I frequently get ideas for things like that while I'm mulling over my story someplace like in the shower or while I'm driving. As soon as I can, I get that thought down on paper (or laptop) and run with it. My best ideas often occur to me when I'm far from my desk.

    However, my butt has to be in my desk chair in order for any of these great ideas to get translated into my novel. Try to write some each day - even when it's the last thing in the world you feel like doing. You can fix horrible first drafts, but you can't fix something that doesn't exist.

    Lots of people think they have a great novel in them, but very few actually sit down and start it. Fewer still ever complete it. But it sounds like you're already ahead of the game with your 20 pages of notes. Good for you and good luck .

  • jidwg
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    Age old advice...write what you know. The best place to start is with your own life. Do you keep a journal? Your experiences are the best place to start. Think of a situation that had a real impact on you and go over the timeline and results. Pick a point in that timeline where a different choice could have resulted in a completely different outcome. Start your novel at the point where you are confronted with the choice. Fill the reader in as you tell your story by use of flashbacks or in the skillful use of dialogue. If you try to write about something you have never experienced as yet, the research will overwhelm you. You must never underestimate your readers....they are quick to spot a phony. If you start with what you know,your potential for success is greater. As you get older and more experienced in life as well as writing,you can spread your literary wings and cover a wider range of topics.Read,read,read. Style, vocabulary and imagination are nourished by the labors of other authors.Become an active listener and observer. Take note and remember interesting conversations you have heard. Listen not only to the content but to the subtle emotions behind the words. Watch people and try to imagine what they are thinking and why they do the things they do. A writer has to be the consumate observer. Good Luck.

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    Heck, no, you're not too young to write a novel. I started one when I was 12. (It ended up more novella length -- more than 15,000 words but less than 50,000, but it was my first try...)

    If you have a summary for the plot line, you're more than ready to start writing. Don't sweat the details just yet; pick a place at the early part of the plot and start writing that scene. You can always go back and write an earlier scene, or a different one, if that scene turns out not to work best for you. You don't have to write things in a linear manner, either. Write the scenes you know, then go back as you can and fill in the gaps so the STORY is in the right order once it is done. It all comes down to, write what you need to tell the story.

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    13 is a good time to start,I also started at 13 and have written many stories about travel, romance, and teen life. Normally when I go to write I think of what I want to happen in the book and how I want the characters to act and what not. I found it helpful to act out maybe one or two conversation paragraphs that way you have a feel of what your character will sound/act like. If you can imagine it as a movie, that works too. Start whenever you feel that you really have something good going. You'll get writer's block and frustrated and want to change things, but hey, that's a good thing! It just makes you a stronger writer! Good luck, hope this has been helpful to you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are NOT too young to write a novel. There is NO age limit. Im only 12, and I am writing one! ;-)

    There are alot of techniques to writing a novel. I just keep writing and writing and writing. further down I put down some links. one of them will take you to a page filled with useful writing articles. The articles are written by a science fiction author named Simon Haynes. the other two links will lead you to two writing software that can be useful. I hope this helps!

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    iam a writer as well and i have been since like your age so i think its great try free writing if you dont think about the characters ahead of time then the pencil will do the thinking and sometimes going with it leads to alot more than think of it. Find example in other writings or in your own life. hell no your not to young to write a novel. if any one tells you that just say that people say that about actors and look dakota fanning is like 14 and already has lots of money good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I started writing when I was 12. Believe me, you need to start young in this business. There's so much to learn.

    The first few pages are the hardest. Sometimes I can't get past them and have to move onto another story. You need to start with a bang. The character doesn't have to be in a life-threatening position, but it helps. They can be facing a tough problem. When I was 12 and wrote my first book, I started with a sixteen year old girl at home alone. Noises wake her. Then someone tries to kill her. She discovers she's from another planet and someone from there is trying to assassinate her. It wasn't very good, but I learned a lot from it. Good luck!

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    Actually it is better to write some short stories before writing a novel. It helps you get used to coordinating characters and plot.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Start at the beginning of what you've written--based on the ideas gathered.

    Or think about where you want to start--based on what you've got so far.

    But mostly, it's writer's instinct on WHERE you want to begin a novel. Sometimes the ideas gathered don't always start the book on the path its going to go on.

    Sometimes, it's something else entirely.

    (And you're not young. I started writing at 14. I'm 32.5 now.)

  • 1 decade ago

    best way is to mingle with people of all kinds in ur society like jin red cross u can go to differnt peoples home meet old young allkinds of peole can meet people during camps etc also join some enviornment organisations whereby u can know more about ur naure allthese a good novel should contain peoples emotions, local language, natures description ,,by meeting people itself u can get a lot of stories so good luck

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