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Fantasy Football Lineup?

What do u think of my lineup for my fantasy football?

QB- McNabb, D., Kitna, J

WR- Williams, Ro., Brown, R., Jones, Ma., Caryton, P.

RB- James, E., Jordan, L., Addai, J., Haynes, V.

TE- Crumpler, A., Stevens, J.

K- Akers, D., Keading, N.

Def- Baltimore

Should I drope Haynes, V. for Anderson, M. or should I just keep Haynes, V.


Just to let everyone know this isn't a keeper league so don't ask that question.

Update 2:

I am picking up Anderson and Bryant dropping Hanyes and Caryton.

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    Let's break it down shall we?

    QB - I think McNabb is solid, yes he's coming off of injury, but he's had a good preseason so far. Kitna is iffy at QB, but having him as a back-up is ok, but if McNabb goes down...trouble!!!

    WR - Williams is sold, I really like Matt Jones, he's a big sleeper this year, and a huge favorite target of Leftwich. Brown is just average, and I don't like Crayton at all...there's has to be better out there!!

    RB - The Edge and LaMont Jordan are top tier running backs, Addai I don't like because he's not a clear cut #1 back, and not a big Haynes fan at all...you could do better than him.

    TE - Crumpler is very solid, you might want to get a replacement for Stevens... last report he's out til Mid-October.

    K - Keading is great because the Chargers will score. Akers is serviceable as a back-up because the Eagles are in transition right now.

    Def - Baltimore is a good defense, this team has always been known for that; nothing's changed there!!

    All in all not bad, you really need to work up on getting solid backups for some of the positions I mentioned above.

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  • Anonymous
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    McNabb is a big question mark, but if something happens to him Kitna will be solid. Your WRs are just average. Im a huge fan of Roy Williams but i like him more as a great #2 not a #1. Your RBs are great, they will keep your team in contention. Your TEs and Ks are good also. Baltimore's D could have a big year or they could be a bust.

    Instead of droping Haynes drop your back-up kicker. I doubt anyone will want him up and you can just pick him back up when Akers has a bye week.

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    McNabb is kinda iffy. He doesn't really have anyone to throw to so he'll do a lot of scrambling. Which means he'll be hurt by week 5. Kitna is a very bad pick. We will lose the starting job bye week 3. All of your recievers suck. Roy Williams is ok, but nobdy that good to throw to him either. The rest is ok. Edgerrin James is your best player. Hopefully he holds up running behind an awful Cards line. Keep Haynes. Mike Anderson is overrated.

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    Looks pretty good. I like Kitna this year and Roy Williams should have a break-out season. I would drop Haynes and Crayton. There has to be something better out there then those two slobs. Good luck!

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    that's not really a good lineup. were manning, brady, hasselback, palmer, and delhomme taken already? and you shoulda gotten more talented receivers. james is gonna suck with the cardinals OL. Addai is a better bet.

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  • Isaac
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    1 decade ago

    its Ok but you need a WR

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    drop haynes, you could try anderson and see wat happens. parker should get goal line touches

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