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Law and Ethics???

Hello everyone, I'm currently taking an Ethics class and there are some answers I need to know to several questions and my textbook is not really helping, so if you know the answers to any of these please enlighten me. Thanks

1. The description of the justice system as 2 advocates engaging in the persuit of the truth guided by a neutral third party best describes_______?

2.The model of judicial processing that prioritizes efficiency over truth is______?

3.The current code of ethics has which proper title?

4.The American Bar Association attempts to monitor the ethical behavior of lawyers by_______?

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    Somehow I don't think you've read your assignment. These are pretty basic questions for your course. Here are some answers, not guaranteed correct, but then I don't have your book in front of me. Caveat: you're not going to pass without reading and studying. Here's your freebees.

    adversarial, plea bargaining, Code of Professional Responsibility, having the state bar associations enforce the Disciplinary Rules or maintaining the National Lawyer Regulatory Data Bank.

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    1. The falacy that the criminal justice system is concerned with

    the truth.

    2. The court docket

    3. Swindle, Fanagle, and Scram - Attorneys at Law

    4. ...the same methods used by the Catholic Church in dealing

    with sexabuser priests

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    1-someone's pipe dream. The American system is adversarial, it is about winning, not truth.

    2-3 are not clear enough. Whose code of ethics?

    4-Primarily through consumer complaints.

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    Ethics class. Asking everyone for my homework answers. What's wrong with this picture?

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    1. Arbutrator (could be sp wrong)

    2. Chancery? (not sure)

    3. I don't know

    4. Threatening to cut off their "privates" if they don't work in a ethical manner. Ok, I made that one up.....sue me!

    Source(s): District court clerk, but there again I know SOMETHINGS but not EVERYTHING because I am not an attorney. They know everything, talk to them for a while and you will see...;)
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    Ethics huh? Not very ethical to get someone else to do your homework. Good luck at failing that course.

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    wow, good way to get out of doing your own homework... never thought of this way.

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    ...and you can't do your own homework? You'll never get ahead like this.

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    No cheating!

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