Is this Skateboard what best suits me?

I used to own an Airwalk which I now belive was made to just go cuising on. I now met some kids in my area that will help me develop my skating tricks..I noticed I am not getting the pop their boards get. So now I wan't to get a Pro deck to ride on and get good tricks off of. I am considering a brand I know the skater of..and got The Flip boards..I like their design...Please recommend a board that might help me in my condition. Tell me if what I am considering is good enough.

Flip - Appleyard "Winged Attack" Deck (7.5" x 31.5")

Havoc Trucks

Abec 3 bearings

Blank Black wheels

Black Griptape

Shorty's 1" hardware

For about $56 with Shipping and everything included. Tell me if some of the parts should be replaced with other brands/sizes/speeds. Thanks for all the help.

This is the Auction I am in:

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    1 decade ago
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    there isn't really a specification for what kind of skateboard would fit you. It is all up to what you like. what you want to do. but for a beginner, that set up seems like it is good. personally, i like abec7 bearings, but i would start slow

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    i can tell you thats a great board, i have it. the trucks arnt the greatest but it all depends what you want to use them for. i would have got some independents ther great for grinding and they last a long time. with the bearing i would have got something better cuz if you dont have speed you might as well not even go for some gaps and grinds. i dont know what brand they are so im not goin to diss them but if you stick them in the frezer they last longer cuz the urithane hardens more. the grip tape might be good but you have to know if its a stong glue that hold it on and together i love the shortys so keep that but realy just get some better bearings if i wher you i would so go check out some swiss bones ther the best

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    I also buy stuff off ebay, so I know when they rip you off, so do this... Buy that set up, or a different setup, maybe one with faster bearings. But havoc trucks aren't very good. So go to a skate shop and buy some medium hardness bushings and have one of your friends install them if you don't know how. Then lube the heck out of those bearings with some Bones Speed cream to make them skate faster. Now it's a pro board.

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    Get at least abec 5 bearings, there are considered middle of the road.

    Royal or Krux trucks

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  • 1 decade ago

    sweet board.

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    1 decade ago

    all boards are the same. amateur skateboarder

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