how much would you pay for landrover freelander?

how much would u pay for a landrover freelander R reg perfect condition 69000 miles on clock

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  • Phish
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    Freelanders are rubbish. The petrol engine is a dog and blows head gaskets which nearly always destroys the engine. The diesels aren't much better either. Dreadful vehicles. If you must have a 4X4, get a Toyota. Australian saying: 'If you go into the outback, use a 4X4, if you wanna come back alive, make sure it's a Toyota'

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    I wouldn't.

    The freelander is a peace of junk. It is a 4 wheel drive saloon car with a Land Rover badge on it. It is a box section vehicle (like all cars and most cheap 4 by 4s, and is fundamentally not an off road vehicle. It therefore has no real benefits at all

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    I'd suggest an early model Td5 Discovery as they've come down to about the £8k-£10k range now the Freeloader is around £5k-£7k now but you'll pay through the ceiling for it when it goes wrong.

    IMHO go for the Discovery parts are roughly 60% cheaper that Freeloader ones and are much less likely to go wrong, if you do go for a Freeloader though make sure you check the HDC as if it hasn't been used much it is likely to seize up and will be really pricey to sort!

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    Hi the landrover freelander is not a true off road car it is a concept idea by FORD MOTOR COMPANY. this little version of the more iconic discovery is little more than a POSE on then beach as seen in the adverts.

    it will die off road and does as it happens frequently. another of it's failings. when they get old as this one has .

    they are not worth a plug nickel.

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    I would run for the hills, screaming, before I bought one.

    Unlike a Discovery or Range Rover, they are an economy model of questionable quality. They have too much plastic, and break too frequently to be worth anyone's time--and even being plastic, the major replacement parts are astronomically expensive. Please, for the sake of the sanity of all those who work on Land Rovers, don't buy one. The intake manifold alone will cost you $900, and labor (six or more hours' worth) is extra.

    Source(s): Land Rover Freelander experience
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    If you can, get a new one. The redesigned Freelander looks superb and is re-engineered from the ground up.

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    inbetween 8 and 10 thousand. no more than that though. not with 69 000on the clock anyway

  • lobo
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    If you really want that car go to it will give you retail, wholesale, and private party prices, a better selection might be a Tahoe or Yukon

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    97 R private / trade prices below :

    Softback petrol £3036 / £3946

    diesel £3336 / £4346

    Hardback 3dr petrol £3106 / £4046

    diesel £3596 / £4696

    Hardback 5dr petrol £3366 / £4396

    diesel £3916 / £5096

    Hope this helps.

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