Does anyone know the characters in the play David and Lisa?

And please don't say David and Lisa because there are more and I know it. ha ha ha. Well my school is going to be performing it and I'd like to know the characters and their personalities if you have read the play or seen the old movie. Thanks a million!



Yeah, thanks for the cast list but I already have that. I wanted the personalities of the characters.

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    Full Cast: David and Lisa

    Giuseppe Andrews/Joey

    Samaria Graham/Felicia

    Allison Janney/Alix

    Kim Murphy/Natalie

    Gene Wolande/Kevin

    Giselle de Cerda/Doris

    Lukas Haas/David

    Debi Mazar/Maggie

    Sidney Poitier/Dr. Jack Miller

    Diva Zappa/Francesca

    Kimiko Gelman/Molly

    Eric "Ty" Hodges II/Raymond

    Brittany Murphy/Lisa

    Vicellous Shannon/Tyrone

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    I'm just taking a shot in the dark but I'm gonna guess their names are David and Lisa.Oops I know you asked me not to but I couldn't resist. I sawwy!

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    Sounds boring. Good luck with that.

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    sorry, cant help wif tht...

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