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how old is kylie minogue?

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    Kylie Ann Minogue (born May 28, 1968) is an Australian singer-songwriter and occasional actress. Minogue rose to prominence in the late 1980s, as a result of her role in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours, before she commenced her career as a pop recording artist.

    Signed to a contract by British songwriters and producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman, she achieved a string of hit records throughout the world, but her popularity began to decline by the early 1990s, leading her to part company from Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1992. For several years she attempted to establish herself as an independent performer and songwriter, distancing herself from her earlier work. Her projects were widely publicised, but her albums failed to attract a substantial audience and resulted in the lowest sales of her career.

    In 2000, Minogue returned to popularity as a dance-pop artist and became well-known for her provocative music videos and expensively mounted stage shows. She has established one of the longest and most successful careers as a performer in contemporary pop music, and in Europe and Australia, she has become one of her generation's most recognisable celebrities and sex symbols. In Australia, after being dismissed early in her career by many critics, she has been acclaimed for her achievements; she holds the record for the highest concert ticket sales for a female performer, and has attained nine number-ones on the ARIA singles chart.

    Born May 28, 1968

    Origin Melbourne, Victoria,


    Genre(s) Pop, dance, Europop

    Years active 1987–present

    Label(s) Mushroom (AUS, 1987–present)

    PWL (UK, 1987–1992)

    Deconstruction (UK, 1993–1998)

    Parlophone (UK, 1999–present)

    Geffen (U.S., 1988–1990)

    Capitol (U.S., 2001–present)


    Kylie Ann Minogue (born May 28, 1968) is an Australian singer-songwriter and occasional

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    Ickle Kylie is 147 years old today. Her first hit "Come "N" bonce my booty baby" was released in 1936. She became a dame in 1951 but returned her medal to the palace as she was unhappy that rationing was still going on. In 1969 she broke her leg whilst tobogganing down the side of a goat herd in Patagonia. In the 1980's after a successful face and butt lift she made a comeback into the charts and today remains one of the most respected artists of her generation. largely on account that all her generation are now dead. Happy birthday Kylie from everyone at the Respite Home for the Terminally Australian xx

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    At least in her mid to late 40's

    Google it!

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