What job pays the most in the computer field and what degree does it require?

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    The job that pays the most is IT specialist, but you will need no less than a BS because in that job you will have to interact with personnel and programmers effectively to accomplish the complex tasks of setting up programs within organizations small to world wide. If you want to earn over $100K a year, you will also have to travel to different cities, and possibly countries.

    You'll need the talents to not only do your job, but untangle the messes made by the personel at different companies, and ability to sell new hard ware and software, where needed.

    A way to earn a few bucks and remain local, is to get a computer certificate, some hands on experience, and a good knowledge of all the new upgrades and hardware and software compatibility...and then you can set up your own little computer repair or build in your local town.

    Or you can start out on the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

    Enroll initially with getting a Certificate, and then see which direction you want to go after you've worked in the field part time, or full time.

    To be and IT specialist as I mentioned first, I strongly recommend you be a younger person (not close to retirement) because it's going to take years to grow in the field and get the expertise and trust to be an upper end IT specialist.



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