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What Does "Reconquista" Mean To You?


El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan sets the theme

that the Chicanos (La Raza de Bronze)

must use their nationalism

as the key or common denominator

for mass mobilization and organization.

What Does "Reconquista" Mean To You?


From The Same Link

5. SELF-DEFENSE of the community must rely

on the combined strength of the people.

The front line defense will come from

the barrios,

the camp os,

the pueblos,

and the ranchitos.

Their involvement as

protectors of their people

will be given respect and dignity.

They in turn offer their responsibility

and their lives for their people.

Those who place themselves

in the front ranks for their people

do so out of love and carnalismo.

Those institutions

which are fattened by our brothers

to provide employment

and political pork barrels for the gringo

will do so only as acts of liberation

and for La Causa.

For the very young

there will no longer be

acts of juvenile delinquency,

but revolutionary acts.

Update 2:

The fantasy of MEChA as a key element

of a Mexican American fifth column

within the United States,

found its way into

Republican presidential candidate

Patrick J. Buchanan's 2001 bestseller

"The Death of the West:

How Dying Populations

and Immigrant Invasions

Imperil Our Country

and Civilization."

MEChA, warned Buchanan,

is "a Chicano version

of the white-supremacist

Aryan Nation...

and is unabashedly racist

and anti-American."

Update 4:

angela R

PLEASE Dont Insult My Intelligence

With A Ridiculous LIE Like

"Honestly, I have never heard of Aztlan

or La Raza until I came to yahoo A....."

What A Ridiculous LIE

Again... PLEASE Dont Insult My Intelligence

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    It means they want to claim land the USA won by whooping their @sses and paid $15 miilion for the privelege. It means Lock 'n' Load!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    "reconquista" (reconquest)

    refers to the ousting of the Muslims, does it not? From Spain, I believe, which would make them the Moores? (war news=history) Oh, you mean *now,* I'll bet, huh? How the Mexicans are the only reason for the uptick in American population? (Did you know that? Apparently the US would be like an inverse Malthusian nightmare without immigrants.)

    Y'all shouldn't trust the Free Republic. Nor should you take at face value something written by a stranger. And ESPECIALLY don't trust Bill O'Lie-lly

    There no such group as the Nation of Aztlan and most MECHAS have severed ties with any group with sexist, anti-Semitic or homophobic agendas.

    From MECHa's FAQ:

    Does MEChA want the Southwest part of the US to become part of Mexico? This is probably the most ridiculous question and the biggest untruth put out by the racist anti-immigration groups. No MEChA group wants to overthrow the US or put the Southwest under Mexico. In fact, most Chicanos and Mexicans know that Mexico is a country suffering from serious political and economic problems. Why do you think Mexicans are leaving their country? The US has its problems but it is still the country that has a very fair political system and does a fairly good job in respecting human rights. Most MEChA members are just trying to get an education and stay politically active to help other latinos. These days with the universities getting more expensive it is hard enough just to hold some part time job and go to school. The overwhelming number of Latinos are struggling economically in college. There is no time, let alone desire, to overthrow the US. Most Chicanos find it astonishing that anyone would believe that MEChA members are really actually thinking or are making plans for overthrowing the US. MEChA members do not participate in or plan any violent protests. Ask the racist organizations out there to offer any kind of proof that MEChA has participated in violent acts. MEChA is a peaceful and law abiding organization.

    Now you're going to sat that the "peaceful law abiding" part at the end here contradicts the sexist-homophobic stuff at the top. But rememebr that this organization was started in the 1960's--a very different political climate than now, and also that's 50 years so of course it has evolved.

    Hmm. what an odd aside this is. Bustamante, hmm? Are you IN CA currently?

    I may not agree with you JD but I dig ya; ya make me think.

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    1 decade ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know nothing of this group, nor do I care to know....There will always be radical groups among cultures about nationalism, IE KKK....

    I live in a community of 80% Hispanic population....Honestly, I have never heard of Aztlan or La Raza until I came to yahoo A.....

    Please don't assume most Hispanics are involved with these radical groups....When you state these things, some people here believe a majority of Hispanics are involved in this and that is simply not true....So stop spreading the politics of fear and loathing? OK?

    I don't care if you think I am lying. I know I am not....The only organization I know of is LULAC, they are the only real active non profit organization here....

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  • 1 decade ago

    La Keystone Cops of La Raza, lol

    None of them could general a food fight.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well more than anything sounds like reconquering the lands they once held. Which is too bad, hope they give up and go home before a few people fed up with thier garbage kick them out. Course it won't be the Gov't they're to dumb right now but sooner or later the La Razza people will be getting a rude wake up call.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some Mexicans and Mexican-Americans want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the United States given to Mexico. They call it the “reconquista,” Spanish for “reconquest,” and they view the millions of Mexican illegal aliens entering this country as their army of invaders to achieve that takeover. To an extent, they also have actual armed soldiers of the Mexican army, along with mercenaries from North Korea, Russia and other communist or former communist lands, and have already fired upon American Border Patrol officers and terrorized American ranchers. Shockingly, certain politicians in America are willing to sell out to the Mexicans. Here we consider the background to this disturbing development.

    Mexico, of course, was once a Spanish colony, the Aztecs and numerous other tribes in that region having been conquered by the Spaniards—or, in many cases, having willingly sworn allegiance to the Spanish king in order to free themselves from Aztec tyranny. (However, it may be noted that in the northern reaches—the so-called Interior Provinces—of what was once called “Mexico,” the natives had never been subdued by any outsiders, including the Aztecs.) When a number of Mexicans, inspired by Ameri ca’s example, revolted against Spain, they set up an independent government and assumed theoretical rulership of a vast area, in cluding what is now known as the South western United States.

    Source(s): The LULAC When the United States annexed a third of Mexico's territory following the Mexican War, nearly 77,000 Mexicans became U.S. Citizens. These new citizens were systematically discriminated against, denied voting rights, excluded from decent jobs or a good education and subjected to unprovoked physical violence. The sign, "No Mexicans Allowed" was to be found everywhere. Hispanic Americans responded by building a strong tradition of self-determination. Service organizations were started to champion Hispanic rights and in 1929, a number of these groups met in Corpus Christi, Texas and merged into a single self-help organization, the League of United Latin American Citizens. LULAC councils spread throughout Texas, and into 45 states across the country. WHY ARE THEY NOT SPEAKING OUT -- THIS WOULD BE A VERY GOOD TIME TO HEAR WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY-- WOULDNT YOU THINK -- THEY ARE 77 YEARS OLD AND SO SAY GOING STRONG -- I WANT TO HEAR FROM THEM-- WHERE ARE THEY????
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  • 1 decade ago

    Many in Mexico believe that southwestern US belongs to Mexico. The plan , as I understand it, is reconquer the area through economic means. By encouraging illegal immigration and the sending of wages to Mexican citizens there is a transfer of wealth to South of the border with no cost to the Mexican government. Additionally the burden of health care and other services is transferred to the U.S. taxpayer from the Mexican government. A win-win for them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To me as a Chicana, it means drawing from my community to make myself and my community stronger politically, socioeconomically and safer for all. Nationalism is good when used to motivate in a positive manner, and detrimental when used in an evil way (WWII). As long as it is a symbol of pride, and not hate or separatism then nationalism is a vital and very motivating way to uplift a community. Especially a community as young as ours that needs encouragement and guidance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Never heard it til I joined this forum. I think your slant has as much credibility as the KKK at this point in time!

    Yars, you crack me up; you've gotten so militant lately; how old are you? Will you make it? One more thing, your take on Angela bears asking: as militant as you sound, are you KKK, or part of a neonazi joint?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    These La Raza people are sick, they are just another hate group. No better for the general public then the KKK, or Black Panthers.

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