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Anonymous asked in SportsOther - Sports · 1 decade ago

How many 10-dan(black belt & above) holders are there?

Please provide names, country, year and if possible, next candidate(s) for the post. Maybe the requirements to be one too.

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    1 decade ago
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    It depends on which TKD you are talking about. ITF style from General Choi only goes up to 9th dan. WTF (what I practice) style from Kukkiwon goes up to 10, but only very rarely. The highest dan I personally know is 8th and he is one of the highest in USA. My own master is 7th dan and I am 3rd dan.

    This from wikipedia:

    The 10th dan is a very rare rank, generally awarded posthumously only to persons who have made great contributions to taekwondo. It should not be confused with the honorary dan. The Kukkiwon has only awarded four standard 10th dan, all posthumously, to the following men: Byong Lo Lee, Chong Soo Hong, Il Sup Chun and Nam Suk Lee. The WTF has also awarded two "honorary" Kukkiwon 10th dan, both to individuals who were members of the IOC[7]. The WTF, WTF Member National Associations and the Kukkiwon issue many honorary dan to political and non-political persons who make a contribution to the growth of taekwondo.

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