Why do some Chritians hate Jews if Jesus was a Jew?

Jesus was Jewish but got killed by Jews. Can you explain?

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    Jews are one flock of people who can never change their mind set. Even now there are many Jews who think that they are the chosen people of Jehovah, their God and Israel is their original land with the root.

    Jesus was a Jew who wanted to reform the Jewish society, but then the rulers and the clergy felt threatened and tried Jesus for felony against the established beliefs and got him crucified. But after his death, within two hundred years his followers out numbered the Jews. To-day some Christians still dislike the Jews only for this historical reason.

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    Christians shouldn't be hatin' anybody. ("Hate the sin, not the sinner.")

    Sure, I can explain why the Jews killed him. And it wasn't like it was a conspiracy among ALL the Jews, it was the ones in authority, who were about to get their applecart upset.

    It's because they were worried. The Romans were in charge, and the Jews in question here saw Jesus getting a large following, and he did a lot of things to tick them off, questioning their authority, telling them that their laws were made by men, not God, and they should look more deeply into the scriptures and see if he isn't right.

    To make a long story short, they decided that he was going to have to die, or else the authorities in Rome were going to replace them with somebody who could keep rabble rousers under control, even if the new authority was Roman rather than Jewish. Everything about the trial was illegal under Jewish law, but they got him crucified. Pontius Pilate didn't even want anything to do with this.

    The good news is that it didn't take. He lives!

    Peter talked to the Jews in the second chapter of Acts, and accused them of killing the Messiah. They agreed, and said, what shall we do? Peter told them to repent and be baptized, and thousands did. (Those conspirators are not said to have come around.)

    Source(s): You and I are just as much to blame as the conspirators, because Jesus died to cover our sins. So don't hate the Jews, or yourself. Do something positive and accept his payment of your debt.
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    If there saying that there christians then there leing. U cant say that ur a christian n hate jews when like u said Jesus was a jew. In this case there falls christians cuz a true christian wont say dat.

    Jesus was a jew n he did got killed by his own ppl. There was just angry @ him cuz he was born there n raised at another place that wasent there n he came back n tought them other ideas that wenret moises laws/ideas. So basically there where mad at him because he didnt teach the law of moises.

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    Jesus was Jewish but got killed by the Romans. They were worried he was going to cause a government revolt, as he was prophesied to do. However, Christians already hate the Pagans enough as it is...

    Christians, especially early ones, did not like the Jews because they didn't agree with them. They thought that because they had converted from Judaism to Christianity, they all should. They didn't though.

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    I think most Christians forget that Jesus was a Jew.

    And hating a group of people is not something someone who considers them self a christian should be doing.

    And as someone who answered before said you can be Jewish and believe in Christ.

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    He was hated by the Jews....because He even said to the accusing Jews that He is the Lord of the sabbath, and the Jews accused him of blasphemy having equal to the Father

    Mark 2:27-28 (New Living Translation)

    27Then he said to them, "The Sabbath was made to benefit people, and not people to benefit the Sabbath. 28And I, the Son of Man, am master even of the Sabbath!"

    .. But there are no teachings by Jesus to hate jews... if you see christians who hate jews.. then they are not chrisitans by heart.. or maybe their pastors are not teaching them well because the teachings of Christ is RESPECT ALL PEOPLE.

    .. . THE RULERS (can be pharasees , the jews or the judges or the romans) THE ONE WHO CRUCIFIED THE MESSIAH

    1 Corinthians 2:8 (New Living Translation)

    8But the rulers of this world have not understood it; if they had, they would never have crucified our glorious Lord.

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    Because the majority of Jews at the time didn't beleive that he was the messiah. They let the Romans inflict capital punishment on him.

    The Jews are still waiting for the first coming of the messiah. So even after he died and they could have learned about his teaching they still didin't beleive.

    That bothers some Christian and drives some to hatred. This is why Jews have been looked down upon by Christians for almost 2 millenia.

    Basically they had their chance and they blew it by denying that he was the son of god.

    (No I don't believe any of the fairy tales, but know them for fun :))

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    Prophesied in the Abrahamic Covenant (Old Testament).

    As for why some Christians hate Jews, ignorance has alot to do with it.

    I am a Jewish believer in Christ.

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    Jesus did not reject the Jewish establishment. He embraced it. I think many christians can feel threatened by a strong sect and Judism is a very strong sect. The teachings,belief and followers are very just and true and I hate to say it many christians are not as you see how some have acted that prompted you to ask this question.

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    I can't see way some Christians hate Jews. I mean as a Christian I have high respects for Jews. The fact that they are the chosen people might intimedate people but as for me I adore my God's Nation.

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