What is the real need for the FDA?

They just take kick backs from the drug companies anyways and give us harmful medications with claims that they are safe. Why can't we buy Chinese medicines here. They are the biggest country, obviously they know more about medicine than we do.

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    The FDA has become a corrupt government regulatory agency and should be reformed. The German Commission E is the German equivalent to our FDA, but the big difference is that the drug companies have no control over the Commission E because they have socialized medicine. They are actually looking for cures because it is more efficient than controlling symptoms for the rest of your life. They use natural medicines in most all conditions and they have one of the best medical systems in the world as opposed the the US medical system's 37th ranking. The drug companies and the FDA are the entities responsible for our poor worldwide ranking.

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    It's original purpose was to impose some kind of order on the industry and weed out the snake oil salesmen and quack remedies.

    You can get chinese medicine, but you should do so from a person trained in that discipline. It is NOT regulated in this country. Use Yahoo to search for 'Chinese Medicine"

    Size is no guarantee that something is superior or better. We have pretty good med care in the USA.

    Source(s): Dr Whitaker's Guide to Natural Healing
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    The FDA had approved so many medicines from foreign countries especially Japan,after so many years even though they know it is good.They do not accept this fact that other countries have good products which shows they are biased

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    Did any thought at all enter into your deluded mind while asking this ridiculous question?...

    Please relocate yourself and any who think like you to China or at least out of the US

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    A sshole

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