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A Son Never Forgive 之正確翻譯

怒海潛將電影名言\"A Son Never Forgive\"

之翻譯在網路上通常是\"盡己之力, 永不忘本\"

但英文字forgive並無忘本之意 只有原諒之意



或是\" 盡己之力, 永不找藉口原諒自己\"


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    Men of HonorReview( original soundtrack to George Tillman's Men of Honor, which is based on the life of Carl Brashear, the first African-American Navy diver, features a mix of new and classic soul and excerpts from Mark Isham's score. Bryan McKnight's "Win," Marvin Gaye's "Say When," and Isham's "A Son Never Forgets" and "The Breath Holding Contest" are some of the highlights from this evocative collection of film music. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide 還有這段:( is a high level of sentimentality throughout men of honor. Carl's daddy, as the young man boars the bus to join the Navy, gives him a handmade radio with the initials "ASNF" carved into the side. (卡爾的爸爸年輕時也加入海軍,給卡爾一個手工打造的收音機,上面刻著ASNF縮寫)This image recurs throughout the film, a mystery until Chief Sunday, carves the true meaning beneath the initials - a son never forgets. (這個縮寫代表的意思就是為人子者永遠不要忘記)Another bit, after Carl loses his leg, turns into a mini "Rocky III" as Chief Sunday drives the amputee to overcome his handicap. These sentimental interludes suit the flick, though, and blends with the rest of the inspirational story. 如果要用字面直翻,a son never forgets 就是身為兒子的人/做為一個兒子,永遠不能忘記。但是呢,在中文裏面本來就有意義類似的成語可以拿來應用,因此搭配起來就是:為人子者切莫數典忘祖為人子者,莫忘本也或者也可以用正面的那層意義來翻:為人子者需將飲水思源永銘於心


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    A Son Never Forgive 之正確翻譯

    怒海潛將電影名言"A Son Never Forgive"

    之翻譯在網路上通常是"盡己之力, 永不忘本"

    但英文字forgive並無忘本之意 只有原諒之意



    或是" 盡己之力, 永不找藉口原諒自己"


    意見 : 應該是“不願原諒的孩子”吧﹗或兒子

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