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how much do you know about your nascar driver?

Mine is: Tony Stewart has a sister, and his moms name is Pam, and father name is Nelson, he was born May 20, 1971, and his Birth place was Columbus,..he is 5 feet 9 inches weigh's 165 pounds,

his hobbies are racing of course..and pool, bowling, boating, fishing.. his Favorite foods are Mom's spaghetti, chili, pizza,

and his Favorite music is Rock, country, blues...he also donated

numerous non-profit organizations primarily supporting chronically ill, hes aslo single, well i know some more stuff on his track racing records but it only gives you on here to type some stuff for your answers ...just wanted ya'll to know what i mean by knowing your nascar driver...oh and if u don't know much about ur driver..its time u found can u be a fan if u now nothing about them..."love to hear urs"

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    A few more facts for you about Tony Stewart, I'm sure you already knew though.

    Driver: Tony Stewart

    Crew Chief: Greg Zipadelli

    Car Chief: Scott Diehl (pronounced “Deal”)

    Engine Builder: Mark Cronquist

    Engine Specialist: Roger Purcell

    Spotter: Mark Robertson

    Over-The-Wall Crew Members

    Gas Man: Jeff “Gooch” Patterson

    Front Tire Changer: Mike Lingerfelt

    Catch Can: Brian “Shaggy” Larson

    Front Tire Carrier: Tom Dean

    Windshield: Scott Geerts (pronounced “Gurtz”)

    Rear Tire Changer: Todd Foster

    Jackman: Chuck White

    Rear Tire Carrier: Jay Barry

    Other Crew Members

    Truck Drivers: Scott “Scooter” Crowell and Danny “Gumby” Hiedtke (pronounced (“Hide-key”)

    Tire Specialists: Jerold Shires and Bill Byrne

    Brake Specialist: Jason Shapiro

    Shock Specialists: Ronny Crooks and Dave Hansen

    Engineer: Dave Rogers

    Date of birth: May 20, 1971

    Birth place: Columbus, Ind.

    Height: 5 feet 9 inches

    Weight: 165 pounds

    Hometown: Rushville, Ind.

    Residences: Columbus, Ind., and Cornelius, N.C.

    Marital status: Single

    Personal car: BMW 540i

    Personal truck: GMC "Dually"

    Workout routine: Weightlifting and cardio workout

    Hobbies: Racing, pool, bowling, boating, fishing

    Favorite TV show: Win Ben Stein's Money

    Favorite movies: The Game, Small Soldiers Favorite actress: Crystal Bernard

    Favorite actor: Samuel L. Jackson

    Favorite team: Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins

    Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan

    Favorite music: Rock, country, blues

    Favorite bands: Diamond Rio, Dire Straits, Sting

    Favorite video game: Daytona USA

    Favorite foods: Mom's spaghetti, my chili, pizza

    Favorite tracks: Bristol, Richmond, Phoenix

    Favorite driver: A.J. Foyt

    Favorite motorcycle: Harley-Davidson "Fat Boy"

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    LOL Not quite as much as you guys know about Tony Stewart!!

    David Starr #11 (Nascar Truck Series). He drives for Red Horse Racing, which is owned by several people but the most well-known is Jeff Hammond. His crew chief is Jamie Jones. He was born in, and still lives in Texas. He has been racing for over 20 yrs. He loves Mexican food and Dr Pepper:) He listens to country music. And he has a beautiful girlfriend named Kim.

    ....oh yeah, he is quite the hottie;)

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    My driver is Tony Stewart!!! Most of the info about him has already been typed, but here are more things I know about him.

    1. He has a younger sister named Natalie

    2. He has a pet tiger and monkey, along with other animals

    3. He loves poker, including virtual poker

    4. he loves Dairy Queen food

    5. He owns a speedway called Eldora

    6. One of his best racing buddies is Dale Jr.

    7. he likes playing video games...and when he was a kid, he liked Donkey Kong

    8. he's addicted to Nilla Wafers and Chocolate milk shakes

    9. his favorite color is black

    10. his nickname is Smoke

    11. he loves fishing for bass

    12. He has a chihuahua named Kayle

    13. He went to anger management courses when he got too physical in the year 2002 (I think it was that year)

    14. he loves dirt track racing

    15. he is wary of politicians and engineers!

    16. he likes to hunt

    17. he once (and still might have) a pack of racing greyhounds

    18. he owns a hummer and an orange lambo

    19. he recently bought a python named Monty

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    I just know he's a heck of a driver. Successful before Nascar. Climbs fences after winning even though exhausted. Fun to watch. Should do a top 10 tonight.

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