How is the Nobel prize in literature decided?

Does the authour receive a nobel prize for a particular book or is it for his total literature.

Similarly, what about Pulitzer prize and the booker prize.

Who is the last Nobel Prize winner for literature?

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    Generally it's based on the body of work as a whole, but specific works are often cited. With the Nobel Prize, it goes to an author from any country who, in the words of Alfred Nobel, produced "the most outstanding work of an idealistic tendency". Each year the Swedish Academy sends out requests for nominations of candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Members of the Academy, members of literature academies and societies, professors of literature and language, former Nobel literature laureates, and the presidents of writers' organizations are all allowed to nominate a candidate. Thousands of requests are sent out each year, and about fifty proposals are returned.By April, the Academy narrows the field to around twenty candidates, and by summer the list is reduced further to some five names. In October that year, members of the Academy vote, and the candidate who receives more than half the number of votes is named the Nobel Laureate in Literature.

    Similar for Pulitzer Prize, only it's based on a single piece of work.

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    You can find out all about the Nobel Prize for literature, and about previous winners, on Nobel Institution web site.

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    I guess they all read the books nominated and rate them and then the ratings from sales and the highest wins.

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