reguarding child support please inform me...?

ok i havent filed for it yet but i plan to do so this week. about how long does it take for us to go to court? what happens if he doesn't show?if we have to take dna samples will it prolong the whole case?what if he has no job? SERIOUS ANSWERS!


do i need his ss#?

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    Court can take a while, 6 months to a year. Good news is that the courts will REQUIRE he pay BACK child support from the date you filed until present and PLUS the current.

    DNA samples CAN make it longer, but again you will get money in the end,

    If he has NO job I think the judge will REQUIRE him to GET one and set a low amount that he deams "affordable" to someone without a job. Also if he DOESN'T pay then you can take his federal income take (once he reached over $5,000) and put a warrent out of his arrest (over $5,000 is a felony).

    Also if he doesn't show up the courts will issue a supena for him to come or set an amount and notify him!

    My fiance pays child support, $392 for two boys a month! It was orginially $615 and we got it lowered. Now we are working on getting the visitation back on target.

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    It normally takes about 6 weeks for a court date, depending on your county courthouse, and how quickly your child support office acts. Bigger ones are usually slower.

    You could ask for a paternity test, or he could. Either way, he's responsible for payment of it. (In most states.) DNA samples will prolong the case, but he'll be responsible for child support costs from the date of filing, or the day the baby was born. This also varies by state/county.

    If he doesn't have a job, the court will order him to get one. Unless he's a full time student. Then, they usually order the father to get a part time one. They will also set up something where he is responsible for paying a flat amount every week/month, whether or not he's working.

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    Child support is a tricky thing. Especially when the man doesn't want to pay. I filed for child support Before my child was 1 now she 10. It took about 30-45 days like everyone says. He was ordered to pay child support. All depending on my income and what child care I had. I received my child support through what they call a wage attachment where they send a paper to his employer and they take the child support out of his pay check. Well he stopped working. And then he started paying what ever he could that's OK with the courts as long as he's paying something. My child went from $340 a month to $100 a month. Then It went to nothing at all. He stopped paying. So they called him back to court. He didn't show. A bench warrant was put out for his arrest. I still haven't received my child support. And he's been working and has had traffic stops. He now owes $13,000. And you know what they asked me? Do I know where he's at? I wish. But that's in the state of Maryland

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    It depends on how many cases the courts have to deal with. And yes, a DNA test will delay the process. Most states have a minimum amount that must be paid, job or not.

    And I don't think you have to have his ss#, but it wouldn't hurt.

    It took me 10 years to finally get child support out of my ex-husband. He still owes $20,000+ in back support!

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    wow...lots of info needed. you should call the local child support enforcemant agency. They handled the whole thing for me. It does not mean that he will pay on time, but it will mean that you are represented fairly. It took me about 2 months to go before the judge. genreally if he does not show it will be a motion in default...he will have had a chance to contest and lost it. dna is done quickly here, but it will vary by state i assume.. But call the enforcement office or the clerk of courts they can help you with all the information that you need. oh and if he had no job he will be told to get one. no job is no reason to to support your child and if you don't pay there are of drivers license and jail.

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    the lenght of time it takes depends on the courts,in most cases 30-45 days at least! if he doesn't show, respond and doesn't have a lawyer they'll enter a judgement at least in cali they will. yep, dna testing will prolong the hearings you can't pay for something that you claim isn't yours!If the person doesn't have a job, but is capable of working they can order them to find a job and report back to the courts in a certain period of time..but they'll still be ordered to pay back pay!

    Source(s): been to child support court most recently.
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    was just talking about this w/ my neighbor... she said their is a way you can file and have it be a EMERGENCY... ask about that

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