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Which league was the best back in the 70's? NHL or WHA?


I'm asking 'cause I was born in 1975 so I don't have any memories of that era since the WHA merge with the NHL in 1979 (Only for Hartford/Quebec/Edmonton and Winnipeg)

Update 2:

HABITANT: Just want to correct you about Gretzky, he was playing with the Indiannapolis Racers before joinning NHL, the Jets had the first choice and they refused Gretzky saying that he was too small and his slap shoot was not strong enough, so the Oilers picked him up, jokes on the Winnipeg Jets! But that's what really happen.

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    the NHL totally dominated the WHA also sure their was good teams but remember the Oilers where only 2 years old before they joined the NHL and Wayne Gretzky played his first year just before he joined the NHL with the Oilers. and it was professional so the points you got in the League where added to your professional total. and look at Bobby Hull couldn't win the Stanley Cup with Makita and Hall when with the Blackhawks in the late 60's sure they won in 1961 but that was it. but in the 70,s once Scott Bowman got a hold of the Habs you could put an all-star team in the WHA vs HABS 1970 and the Habs would crush them, so would of the Flyers that won 2 cup's and the Bruins.

    Hull left the NHL for money which allot of young players realized. that's why allot of players went to the WHA, but it wasn't the same. and some veteran players like Gordie Howe played with the Whalers. it looked good cause it was threw the years of expansion and newer teams that arrived at that time where terrible like the Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Flames, Oakland Seals etc..

    he only played in 8 games with the Racers then he went and played in 1978-79 season with WHA Edmonton Oilers and then they joined the NHL the next year he had 104 pts with the OILERS (WHA) he did play 1 year before the NHL>>>>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Gretzky#Early_y...

    1978-79 Indianapolis Racers WHA 8 3 3 6 0 — — — — — — — — —

    1978-79 Edmonton Oilers WHA 72 43 61 104 19 — — — — 13 10 10 20 2

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    Good question. I think most will say the NHL but based on how the NHL changed after the merger I'd say the WHA had more of a positive impact on the quality of hockey. The WHA played a more open game with less D. This was aided by the Euros (mainly led by the Jets) and the underage stars (#99 + Baby Bulls like Vaive, Goulet, Ramage, etc.) who played a far more free flowing style.

    I was a huge WHA fan (lived in Vancouver and followed the Blazers as well as the NE Whakers whose games, for some reason, we got on a local Bellingham, WA., channel) as the NHL was just goon hockey (OK, the WHA had Jodzio, the Carlsons, Durbano et al) until Montreal stamped the Flyers out in '76.

    After that although the Habs played some beautiful hockey, much of the league did not.

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    I would have to say the NHL. Even though the WHA lured some top talent away from the NHL. Derek Sanderson from the Bruins to the Blazers and I think Gordie Howe to the Houston Aeros.

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    The NHL...

    But remember that the WHA Jets made Bobby Hull the first million dollar hockey player.

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    NHL the WHA had many good players but they were NHL players lured away with money when the WHA folded the quality players went back to the NHL

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    I went to a couple WHA games as a kid. I attended many Winnipeg Jets games as a teen. Lots of Oilers/Jets games and playoff Whiteouts!

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    WHA, it prolonged Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull's carrers.

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    while me and you are in the same boat because i was born a while after the 70's,80's.

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    that would be the nhl of course

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