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"The need for speed...Cable Broadband speed"?

Is there a way to get more speed on my modem...when ever I play a online game (MMORPG) I either lag, or there a way to prevent the lag/disconnect....

If it helps I have Cable and I don't see why DSL is better for games when Cable can download a page faster than that of a DSL modem....


True, I never thought it was my modem...its just that my friends (on DSL) can go into a packed server and only lag...if I try it would just disconnect...I tried downloading some programs but some only seemed to help the disconnect not the lag...I might by a Cable Booster...but I just wanted to check if there was something I could do on my computer other wise, change a setting or something

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    The problem seems to be more with your ISP or PC, not the fact that you are cable / dsl etc

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    This is a tricky one - in fact it may not even be your fault that you are experiencing the so-called 'lag' when you play MMO's. It is usually due to very busy servers or inadaquate equipment on behalf of the company. If you feel the need for faster surfing etc time then the Google Web Accellerator is an excellent tool.

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  • Yoi_55
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    Cable is faster than DSL, so that's not your might be the server you are playing on. If there are too many people on a server, it starts to lag.

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    you really can't get rid of lag in games. It's the server not your connection, blame them, its not your internet connection, i get lag all the time, all you can do is complain about it, that's what i do.

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