Whatd do you think of my Fantasy Team??

This is my first year playing fantasy Football so id like some input please.

QB 1 -- Tom Brady

QB 2 -- Michael Vick

QB 3 -- Vince Young

RB 1 -- Edgerrin James

RB 2 -- Warrick Dunn

WR 1 -- Hines Ward

WR 2 -- Keyshawn Johnson

WR 3 -- Drew Bennett

WR 4 -- Issac Bruce

TE 1 -- Jason Witten

TE 2 -- Marcus Pollard

DEF 1 -- Chicago

DEF 2 -- Seattle


My Kickers are as follows: Jason Elam, Mike Vanderjagdt

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  • Josh
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    1 decade ago
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    Tom Brady is solid...second best QB in my opinion. He's got an OK line with fairly good receiving squad, plus he's Tom Brady...so that should work out nicely. Vick is a solid backup, and his rushing yards come in handy too. A+ on the QBs (also love the gamble on Young).

    Ed James is good, but doesn't have too great of a line, plus with Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison racking up all their yards he won't be any 1500 yard rusher or anything. He'll most likely fall in the 1200 with 9 or 10 TD's...good but not great. Warrick Dunn is getting older and doesn't get the ball in the red zone much...great yards but no TD's kill ya' in fantasy football. I give you a B 85 on the RBs

    Hines Ward is good, and Keyshawn should be good for 700, but I think you could have done better. (how many teams in your league). This would be good if you have like a 16 team league, but for 12 or 10 you should have gotten another big name receiver. Bennett and Issac will get a few tosses, but not too many. C 79 on the receiving squad.

    TE's are fine--Witten will be solid. Pollard has been flip flopping on the depth chart from starting to second...so watch that. B 89 on the TE's.

    I love your 2 solid defenses. Chicago is going to rack up so many points this year, and Seattle has the potential to be bigtime too. A+ on the DEF.

    Overall: Solid qb, solid DEF, pretty good running back situation. Could have got a big name receiver besides Ward, but still should be OK. TE's are fine...again love the strong DEF. Only question is who's your kicker?

    Final grade: 87 B


    Oh so you got Elam and Mike V...excellent! Those are two very good kickers...A++ in the kicking dept. Elam is always good for 8 pts a game, and Mike could be the Neil Rackers of this year depending on how the offense is running.

    Final grade: 90 A

  • 1 decade ago

    your team isn't bad - you don't need Vince Young. get rid of him. I'm guessing you only start 1 QB, so you only need 1 backup. If your #1 guy gets hurt, better to pick up someone from the waiver wire.

    Your RB's are good. Edge will have a good year (he's in Arizona now, he's not playing with Manning and Harrison - he's with Warner and two big time WR's in Fitz and Boldin -- but he'll still have a solid year if he's heathy) and now that Duckett is out of town, Dunn should get more carries.

    WR's -- not great, not bad though.

    Depending on your scoring, I think you can be a playoff team.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get rid of Vince Young. Hes a rookie and will struggle. How did u get both Seattle and Chicago defenses? WOW! You got lucky. Ret of team is great.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It sounds fantastic, they are all good players. Howevor it's a shame it's only a fantasy team. Imagine if all these guys were actually on the one team. They would be unstoppable!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think your a little weak at running back. I would trade Vick to try and get 1 more solid back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not bad .... but I would try using Young for trade bait to try to upgrade at RB

  • 1 decade ago

    you'll finish below .500

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