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I've been thinking of getting a "Painted glass" fish...Does anyone know anything about them??

Like for example how long do they live, what kind of food they eat...that sorta stuff...I've never had a fish before..


Thanks so much for all your responses...I looked it up and there is no way I want one of these fishes...it's creul and inhumane...

I really appreciate all the links...

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    Painted fish have been around since the 1980s. It is the practice of artificially coloring ornamental fish that are naturally less colorful in hopes to make them more appealing to unsuspecting hobbyists. There are several methods used including injecting the fish over and over with acrylic dye through a hypodermic needle throughout a course of several days or weeks. Another method utilizes a laser that tears away the epidermis, bleaching away the natural pigment and replacing it with a color. No serious aquarist would ever consider buying these fish. They look like they have been drawn on with a crayon and don't come close to matching the beauty of their naturally colored counterparts. People new to the hobby are often the victims of this senseless ploy. They see a gourami with pink lipstick and can't resist buying it for their daughter. They drop the extra cash and end up with fish whose lifespan is severely compromised by their harsh treatment and go home having unknowingly supported painted fish dealers who are physically mutilating live animals.

    In the U.S. and in many other countries it is not illegal to sell painted fish. The United States Animal Welfare Act is weak at best when it comes to safeguarding many of our pets. It does not protect animals sold out of pet stores nor does it offer protection to cold blooded animals (reptiles/fish/ect), birds and rodents. Countries like the UK are more proactive about their animal welfare legislation and have significantly stricter laws protecting them. Because of a loophole in their legislation, they too have not been able to stop the import and selling of painted fish in Britain but have made it illegal to perform the practice in that country. Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, a prominent aquarist publication popular in the U.K. and the Untied States, has asked ornamental fish retailers, dealers and transporters to stand up and take a pledge not to sell these fish. Since they started their campaign in 1996 they have gotten 75% of U.K. aquarium retailers to stop selling these fish. Their success is spreading to the U.S. and as more and more hobbyists become aware of the procedure they are choosing to shop at stores that reject the practices by not stocking dyed fish.

    Here are some more articles on Painting fish. The first is "How Fish are Dyed" and the second is "Why it is Cruel to Dye".



    Source(s): http://nippyfish.blogspot.com/2006/08/painted-fish... <--- My own first hand experience
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    Do not buy them. Painted glass fish are indian glassfish that have been painted or injected with dye. They will not live long, and if they do the color goes away but the whole painted fish industry is animal cruelty and needs to be boycotted. If you see a fishstore that sells them, tell the manager why it is bad an that you will not be supporting their business aslong as they continue to sell painted and tattooed fish. Be polite about it tho.

    Indian glassfish are brackish fish wich means they need salt in the water and they will eat regular tropical fish flakes altho some will only eat frozen brine shrimp. The tank needs to be filtered and heated and atleast 10 gallons or more. The temp needs to be stable at 78-80 F.


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    Please do not buy a painted glass fish. These fish go through so much pain to get to the way they look. They inject the fish with dies and they also put them in a tank of ink mixed with a small amount of acid. 90% of the fish die before they get to the fish store and the rest die shortly. They will contract diseases mores easier that other fish and they are very weak. Try buying some neons they are very pretty.

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    painted glass fish do not generally have a long life. the reason they are called painted glass fish is they are literally painted. the colored stripe doesnt last very long and then you are left with a regular glass fish with no color. they are a tropical fish and eat a normal tropical fish flake food.

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    'Painted glass fish' as the name suggests are fish that are painted. Please dont indulge in keeping fish that are ill treated.

    There are many types of fish that you can get which can be termed as beginner fish - look up the internet for your choice. While there look up painted glass fish and see how they get them that way. Cheers!!!

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    DON'T BUY THEM!!! I was lured by their awesome colors, but they get sickly due to that dye injected in which lowers there resistance and they got ick and gave it to my whole tank

    Stay away from them.

  • u do know tht they sell starter fish kits and it comes with a book to kinda of hint you towards the care of fish, goodluck

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    i know they loose their color shortly after you get them home, as do parrot fish!

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