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Neoconservative Republicans vs. Progressive Democrats...explain?

Homework! Please help! Thanks :)


why government involvement in the economy through areas such as welfare and medical care spending, defense spending, education spending reflect different political values.

Update 2:

Ok, I'm not taking sides or anything. I just need an explaination. I don't really understand it at all. It's my assignment, I must complete it by tuesday or else! Please help! Thanks

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    Neo conservatives or neo-cons is a group of hard line republicans on the extreme right of the political spectrum in America. They would typically believe in

    1. More spending on Defense

    2. More American involvment to secure 3rd world nations for advantages in America

    3. Kinda of the idea that America is for Americans.

    The Neo-cons are a group of National Defense workers in the Regan and first Bush adminstrations who wrote down some of their ideas. Rumsfeld, Wolfawitz, to name a couple.

    Some traditional republican/consevative ideas would also fall into this catagory

    1. Lower income taxes (or taxes in general)

    2. Less federal regulation in business

    3. More power to state governments

    4. Conservative on social issues - agaisnt abortion/against homsexual marrige/against stem cell research - generally

    A better question would be Conservative Republicans v. Liberal Democrats, but I guess you have to go with what you are given.

    Liberal Democrats (progressive Democrats) would typically believe in:

    1. Higher taxes to spend on social programs in America - kind of the "share the wealth mentality

    2. Less spending on Defense - Although this has changed since 9/11

    3. The word Progressive refers to the Progressive party of the late 1800's who were a pro farmer party. Its meaning has been broadened throughout the 20th century to mean: (This is very Genearl mind you) anti-big business. The Progressive's broke up the large Trust companies in the early 1900's.

    4. In favor generally of more centralized power. Meaniing less state gov. power.

    5. Usually the "liberal democrats" are lumped in with the protectors of the fredom of speech. _ I am not sure how true that really is.

    6. Increase mininum wage

    7. very liberal on social polies such as homosexual marrige or stem cell research.

    Source(s): History Major
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    I'll gve you a quick primer.

    Neoconservative Republican, no such thing. Republicans have always beeen conservative. The Democrats are so far to the left that they use the term NeoCon to mean moderate.

    Progressive Democrat is a contradiction in terms. The Democratic party has espoused a viewpoint that can only be described as communist. As we all know the world's experiment with communism has more or less drawn to a conclusion except for China and Cuba, and China is gearing up for a change to capitalism.

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    both are made up words by extremists. at least in the context they are used. I don't want income distribution, does that make me a republican. I don't want a forced religion, does that make me a democrat. the answer is no to both. as an independent I think the hard left/right are so full of themselves they are stuck on stupid.

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    well...neoconservatives tend to be people who prefer the world as it was in the 1950s while progressive democrats tend to want to futher society.

    neoconservatives look back while progressives look forwards. t

    there are a million ways that theyre different. perhaps someone else can add something.

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    This is a good way to poll for expressions of hatred and intolerance by both sides. It'll be interesting to see how the answers play out.

    Is that actually what your assignment is?

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    This proves one thing, you teacher is a lefty.

    Neoconservative is a buzzword used by the left to describe the hard right republicans.

    Progressive is a buzzword used by the left to describe itself.

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