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al of NY State car reistration question?

THis is a reposting with clarification. It is about renewing the NY car registration for two more years, NOT about turning in plates....

How to fight 2 registration expired 65 bucks each NY tickets on a car.?

A long problem with transmission even after Lee Myles rebuilt it incorrectly this year... car was moved to next Queens area w/o parking signs....ignored for a long time. Unfortunately, NY State apparantly never sent a reminder about the registration expiring, so says the woman at DMV ( Who said that DMV has suspended doing that recently) ....and two 65 buck each tickets were on the windshield. One was written around ten minute s beofre we arrived at the car this morning that plan to struggle with it bucking, to the DMV in Queens County.

Any ideas fighting these tickets? 130 bucks is highway robbery, and especialy since a mailed notice or registration money due card was never received or sent by DMV

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There isn't any way to fight them. You let the registration expire without turning in the plates. You didn't want to turn the plates in, I understand, but then you have to NOT LET THE REGISTRATION EXPIRE. The onus is on YOU to make sure you're street legal, not on them to remind you.

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