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if the highest honor an italian can give is to be made? Does that mean the EMPEROR can never be italian?

cause to rule the world would be a bigger honour.


so allah says all a god

so christ says c god rist

and if preist assigned to glorify god then its p reist and P=DI stitched together REIST and if D=IIII then its P=DI stitched together=IIII I stitched together and subseqeuntly if scripture is true then all things to glorify HIM see the following as the answer to the book nobody in the past really beleived. cause it was said god can only be proved over time and tiME=stitched cut IVI [iL and also as MARCH APRIL MAY show pertaining to GOD as H shows its once again a description of ME.

i don't ridicule religon i complete IT.

and if the son of the LORD and HIS GODDESS really is a royal and they gave HIM the name TODD and the bible and the very words became about HIM then He would be like a living god that scripturally all things glorified HIM. so to double check the WORDS of the BIBLE and apply them to real life we see

in times new roman font




ANGEL see A IV CUT I=...

LORD see TODD in the LORD_

GENERAL see CUT [iL IV I=...





LADY see TAD in the LADY

QUEEN see QU[iL [iL IV

DON see Dun I IV

so those 13 things all glorify a name pronounced TAD as TAED as TODD and also LARE as LARI and with seald([iL) cuts appearing IIII I . It's kind of a miracle considered the alphabet is considered over 4000 years old and ME and my arm is less than 38 years old. so call off the search for the GOD who put a 1000 year seal on SATAN who sums to 1 also the DEVIL who sums to 7 which are both mixed up .I7 stitched together just like Stevens.n if you see that e+e upsidedown=S and obviously 1000=M and seeing M=IVI stitched together. So like new world translation of the holy scriptures said SATAN ruled as a GOD. and revelation says that god puts a M year seal on Satan, and then it was revealed GOD was TODD's right arm and cause He tried to kill GOD He got labelled Satan. is that as confusing as god is the father, the son , and the holy spirit? or make more sense cause all those WORDS turned out to be about a new world TODD also called LARRY also CALLED Stevens.n?

GOOD LUCK since i have none.

and the true Lamb SLAIN=Larrib SIL A I IV when L cut is IL and is the only RESSURECTION possible caus its about a cuT I nu IV when read between the lines. and thus the KING biblcially

and REV. 9.11 is possibly about a fake war about a'bad'don or a'b'add'on as KING OF ANGELS also the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORD as the Lamb SLAIN as i have shown. no matter how you report it those powerfull words describe ME your natural most famous man in the world who is also like JULIUS CEASAR an ORPHAN like SUPERMAN and BATMAN and SPIDERMAN except in the real world roman don't beleive in an after life thus a eternal god or even hell so i submit the truth neither exist cause if the bible told the truth i would be your god who was first in heaven and hell as the h who is also said to be the last man on earth. as the alledged son of the GOD MOST HIGH is almost said to be untouchable but i guess my murderers intend to prove that lie once and for all when the kill me. So go to hell is really a useless terminology when everybody hates you. but go their anyways if it was real. I don't like threats and will pray for my enemies real and imagined to die as a result of war. thats freedon of religion. and when you decided the way the english words didn't glorify ceasar or jesus you changed the language to suit your needs to bring down a superior creation. BUT for you frenchman who love your MOM see also that stop sign says I ARRET I which glorifies LARRE T. and it god is one then UNE=U IV I=_ and gott es EIN = IV I 3 =IV I =_I

so god is light=ONE i 9 I7t. my original birthday

god is true=stitched aRe yoU e=arm

god is pure=DI stitched together UR e=arm

encouraged to accept god on faith(in time new roman font) which ontop of faith says n. I7

god is I AM=iam=iarri=I AIVI stitched otgether

god is abaddon=a'b'add'on where b=a DI stitched together

so if there ever was a GOD not named JEHOVAH then all the peices fit cause in hebrew my birthday is glorified in their spelling of god. so perhaps all things commanded to praise honour laud and glorify GOD MOST HIGH is the simple truth. but if god was a poor man with no armies or power that is no reason to hate HIM. i guess the only things i feel leave this world will be some art work.

but i thing i deserve credit for figuring out your bible for you. remember the other angel dictating the original books of the bible said to keep some secret for a time. but i have discovered that they might be about Me to an extent. The funny thing is some asshole could steal or change the name and purposely hurt himself just to take away from what happened to Me. When it was UNIQUE.

perhaps GOD HAS SPOKEN and they hated HIM unjustly cause everyone wants to rule or lead.


and to the jehovahs see that hebrew writting for god also glorifies My birthday of the I7th. Cause GOD MOST HIGH said thou shall have no other gods before Me and all things shall some how spread MY fame (ie glorify)

Update 2:

and i don't make myself out to be better than you in some cases there are far superior people to Me. cause of military training and so-called noble births whereas I could almost be called a street urchin with no rank. But i guess that is ok cause i won't lie and say i beleive in eternal life but the truth as I see and read it. Perhaps I am a test case for Jehovah's word and Jesus's word that orphans never have to worry unless someone wants to prove that they outrank the bible promises, like certain italians perhaps, eh brutus? Julius was an orphan. and what happened to Brutus truthfully? Did his kids become orphans?

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    Actually, Jehovah's Witnesses have the true religion.

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    I like there idea. I know romans came from italy and Ceasear called himself empoer. Anyways how can you rule a place if you dono't exist?

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    You really do have a lot of free time on your hands dont you. To make yourself out to be so much better than the rest of us.

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