i am trying to find a company in nt. ft.myers florida that makes bose radio parts with a part name percision?

it is i believe off of cleavland ave florida

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    Here you go:


    Genuine Clarion Bose Radio Repair Parts (and other brands)


    While looking for some replacement parts for my Bose stereo, I stumbled upon a good website of wholesale parts distributor. Thus, for those with the Bose stereos and need repair parts go to Pacific Coast Distributors for replacement parts (www.pacparts.com).

    1. Select their “Consumer Parts and Accessories”

    2. Click on “Search Parts and Order Online”

    3. Log in as a guest

    4. Select the manufacturer (for Bose, select “Clarion”, and if you have a 1995-1996 Bose, enter the Model Number “PN2083D”, for other years or generations, look on the sticker on top of your Bose unit for the part number)

    5. Click on “Begin Search” and you’ll have a parts list of repair parts for your Bose stereo

    For the 4th gen Maxima (1995-1996 at least), you can order a complete face plate (w/o any electronics) for $33.75, and for the common display problem (i.e. LCD going out), just order a new display unit ($21.38)--tehre's plenty of other parts available as well, like a laser pick-up, cassette mechanism, etc. Shipping is ~$7. It’s a cheap alternative to go instead of buying someone else’s used unit, if the only thing wrong w/ your stereo is the LCD panel, like it was with mine. As for the other years, they may or may not have the parts that you are looking for, so give it a shot.

    Note: According to their website they also supply replacement parts for the following brands: ALPINE * AMANA * CASIO * CASIO-PHONEMATE * CLARION *DENON * FISHER * HITACHI * KENWOOD * MENUMASTER *PANASONIC * QUASAR * TECHNICS * TOSHIBA * SANYO * ASTI * EMPIRE * HOWARD SAMS *PHILLIPS ECG * PIONEER * RCA * SONY *Proscan, among many others.

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