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My dad works for the post office, and for my entire life my life has been run by the post office. My dad missed out on a lot of important things for me because the post office called him in and told him that they were more important. Now that I'm a teenager it's kind of too late to have those dad and daughter times like I wished there to be. Our whole family is getting fed up with him giving up all his saturdays (he has seven a year that he doesn't work) and going in for someone who suddenly has an issue. He's missed going on trips because of it too. I'm not sure if this is like this around the US, but it is where I live, and my family isn't the only one who feels this way, there are countless others too.


Norman7774. I never said that he stopped working there, nor that he shouldn't. We're just tired of it interfering with the little time that he gets to spend with us, and trust me that time is little. He works to have money to put food on the table and clothes on our backs (so does mom). As for schools, that's automatically payed in taxes so college is the only thing to worry about, which I have a fund for.

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    I know what you mean.. I know how you feel.. I know that this is a situation of/for MANY families..... BUT.. working at the post office was your father's job.. Because of the job, he was able to put food on your table.. have a house for you to live in and to get you clothes and possibly to send you to school. That is the way it is in the United States and it is even worse where the husband works and the mother works either one or two jobs and the kids are left alone.. We live here, in the U.S., in a materialistic world.

    Would it have been better if your father had quit his job and worked at Wendy's? or as a janitor in a church? You must MUST MUST keep in mind that your father, I am sure, loves his family and feels he is doing the best he can for it.

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    I'm sorry your father has been away when you needed him but I think that has more to do with his scheduling priorities than his job. I have been a Letter Carrier for 18 years and its a tough job, and sometimes the schedule can annoy my family. On the other hand I have spent five weeks on vacation this year away from work because of what's called "annual leave." Maybe your dad should have joined one of the Postal groups on the net so that he could have gotten better advice about his time. But try not to be angry because he was trying to put food on the table. Sometimes men plow themselves into their work because they feel that is how they are judged by others. Anyway for now talk to your dad and see if you can't set up some special together time and try not to blame him for doing his best because I'm positive he did it all because of an all abiding love for you.

    Source(s): I'm a USPS Letter Carrier and moderator of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PostalWorkers
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