Ideas for different ways to raise money for a charity-run organisation?

I work for Manchester Samaritans and I'm trying to look for different ways to raise funds for our branch.

- - I have recently set up an ebay account to sell donated goods.

- - There is a company called Reclaim-it who pay charities for used ink cartridges and mobile phones.

- - We hold regular bucket shakes in the city centre.

- - We do raffles now and again and volunteers hold talks.

If you have any other ideas, they are much appreciated, thanks!

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    i am a director of a cancer foundation. i hold fun runs, mini musical concerts and sell our inspirational t-shirts. these activities work. we manage to send our indigent cancer patients to chemotherapy.

    you may want to try them.

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    The organization could join a direct sales company which give a quality product, help others who need extra income, and bring your organization funds all the time. Notastyle which sells stationary, business cads, stationary etc can be sold to businesses and individuals.If you did not want to join one, create your own like making spa gift baskets, greeting cards, stationary, you even charge a reasonable fee for workshops. Get those in the community to help outThese items can be purchased at any arts and crafts store. They a tax deductible and be sure to ask the store for any discounts since you are a non-profit. Find out the gifts and talents of the people you work with. It's a good idea to contact local businesses, churches--the gift baskets could be sold to them as employee incentives or as rewards and way to obtain and keep their own customers. Plus, you could create a report on the benefits of giving to your organization on the human side and tax deductions. As well as to have a website relaying the wonderful blessings your organization provides. In fact tax deductions can a be a great incentive and lead generator. Do flyers and have business cards(always have these on hand--everyone in the organization should have them).

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    Try G2Bay. This is a social networking site where people help each other make and save money. People post their photos, blogs, news, product and service reviews and talk about the stocks they own. Every user gets a Million Dollar Page where advertisers pay to find the right customers. The more hits you get on your page, the more money advertisers will give you. You can tell your viewers why you want to raise the money. This is a fund-raising site.

  • Hire a carnival company to come and hold an annual carnival for you. They keep half the money on the rides they provide, everybody in town has a great time for two or three days and you can even hold a 'Granny's Attic' sale during the carnival to sell donated 'treasures'....

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    You could host a dinner or luncheon..Set up a price and sell tickets. Another idea would be to have some type of auction where you could get local businesses to donate items or services for the community to bid on.

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    I have had good success with holding a concert with a reasonably well - known band helpful. Ticket procedes go towards charitable causes. Depends on what kind of money you are expecting to bring in.

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    Try posting free ads in websites offering free classifieds. The more number of ads would be appropriate. I know two sites which are linked to a number of free ads sites. See the links there. It will be helpful to you. The sites are

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    Never foget the good old jumble sales and brick-a-brack stalls. Sponsored walks, local company donations/sponsorship all work well.

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    I would make lemonaide or sell hot dogs.I know it sounds like i am joking but most people love hot dogs and something cold to drink and plus its convenient. the best answer

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    whats the reason of your charity-run organisation

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