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car crashes?

100,000 people are killed in car crashes each year and people are indifferent to it. In fact there are people who watch car racing just to see the crashes...

But 500 people die in plane crashes each year and people are afraid to fly because they don't want to die.

What is this fear of planes from when more people die from the family car?

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    The reason most people are afraid to fly is that they only hear of the tragedies of plane crashes, than to hear all the safe landings. In cars, people feel more safe, cause they feel like they are in control of their surroundings, but in all reality they arent really. They can't control the other cars. But I do feel safer flying than driving any day. People really are crazy when driving and they risk their lives and everyone else's when driving like idiots.

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    You can survive to an extent in a car crash.. as u r still on earth.. but if u r flying and the plane crashed.. no matter u save and come out of the plane.. u will be landing on earth and the live goes on the toss..

    it's like felling down from a 5 feet height or falling off 50 feet height.. fear of height is alway there

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    People never think that a car crash will happen to them. when we see that stuff on the news about someone dieing in a car crash, then naturally we always tend to think that's sad and then we move on and drive again and again, we just can't go around thinking that we will die in a car crash today and not drive, and we know this to. But, when it comes to being that high up in the sky and being on something that we are not to familiar with then we or some people start to have fears I think? I would ,I know. More then in a car, even though you tell me the Statistics on car crashes and plane crashes. So I don't know how others feel but, I know how I feel.

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    I think it stems from the fact that the media plays up every plane crash. They are big deals in the crashes are rarely seen in the news unless something really tragic happens. So I think that when people develop a fear of flying, it comes from a very irrational belief that a lot of people die every year from plane crashes.

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    That is funny you write that. I am afraid to fly. I know that flying is safer. I feel that I could have some sort of control if I have 4 wheels on the ground. I feel like I am a gonner if I am in the air. I have no control. I don't like when the plane banks. I don't like when there is turbulance. I get anxiety. The older I get, the worse it gets. We are in cars every day so we are comfortable in the car. I have tried to think that if I was a pilot or flight attendant, I would probably become as comfortable flying as I am with driving a car.

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    Car is still on the terra firma and you feel in control of yourself even when speeding. At best you can tumble, roll over.

    While in plane, it is the height which causes the fear ! People are always scared of a free fall .

    Another reason is that chances of survival is far less in a plane crash than a car crash, though the number of road accidents will be far higher.

  • A couple of reasons. One is that plane crashes are far more spectacular and get alot of media attention....

    But I think the main reason is the old idea that it won't happen to you. In a car, each driver thinks they are a better driver than the 100,000 victims each year and figure it couldn't happen if 'I'm driving.' But in a plane you are just another random passenger and their is not much you can do to control the outcome of the flight.

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    Primarily because dying in a plane crash is more destructive than in a car crash. It tends to rattle some folks. Even the chances are much lower than being in a car crash, it's the inferred method of death that people abhor most.

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    You are in control (or at least feel you are in control) of a car, however you have no control over the plane, the pilot or the terrorist who want to use it for their own advantage. If you feel you can control something, you feel safer.

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    It's not the odds of surviving the crash that matters as much as the odds of surviving that first step away from the vehicle after the crash.

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