About Japanese swords. What's the difference between a tanto, tachi and a daikatana?

I know "daikatana" means "long sword" but to me, tantos, tachis and daikatanas look the same length.

So how do I recognize the difference?

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    Japanese swords are classified by length. "Tanto" is a small shaped blade shorter than 30cm. The length of "tachi," which is suspended by cords from a belt, is 75cm. Tachi is worn cutting edge down. A blade longer than 60cm is considered a "daito" or long sword, and daito falls into the category of katana. Katana, Japanese backsword or longsword, is worn with cutting edge up through the obi (sashes worn with kimono). Therefore, tanto and tachi are not considered as katana. (By the way, it is called daito, not daikatana.)


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  • 1 decade ago

    well. one starts with a d and two start with t's though each end in a different letter. no problem. oh wait. for telling the difference there is one thing you could do for me. give me ten points

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