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Vic asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文翻譯 >>一般插畫書上面標明 [繪畫 某某某]?

一般插畫書上面標明 [繪畫 某某某]?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    painted by XXXXXX(指油墨,水彩等畫作)

    brushed by XXXXXX(指油墨,水彩等畫作)

    adumbrated by XXXXXX(指解說圖或線性圖)

    illustrated by XXXXXX(指解說圖或線性圖)

    delineated by XXXXXX(指解說圖或線性圖)

    described by XXXXXX(指解說圖或線性圖)

    drawed by XXXXXX(指解說圖或線性圖)

    outlined by XXXXXXX(指解說圖或線性圖)

    portrayed by XXXXXX(指肖像)

    roughed by XXXXXX(指草圖)

    pictured by XXXXXXX(指攝影或者是經過美工處理的成相)

    done by XXXXXX(指繪畫或經過美工處理的成相)

    Source(s): 在加拿大念平面設計
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    1 decade ago

    繪畫 某某某

    illustrated by XXX


    Source(s): 常看英文圖畫書的我
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