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What does the German phrase "Ach du Lieber" mean?

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    ' Ach ' is more a vocal expression of surprise or shock. ' Du ' is the informal/familiar you. As in ' Hey you. ' ' Lieber ' is from the root ' Lieb ' : Love. Where'd'ja hear that? I never have.

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      I heard the phrase on an old episode of M*A*S*H.

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    Well I'm German have an american friend who uses this term (wherever he picked it up) but I agree with "tine" from 8 years ago. "Ach du Lieber" It is a very unusual expression, as there is a noun missing. More common would be Ach du lieber Himmel (would translate to for example "heavens!") or Ach du lieber Gott (can be translated to "Oh my (dear) God!) off course Germans understand "Ach du Lieber" pretty much as "Oh dear!" but this doesn't make it right.

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    Can you sing words and lyrics to ach du lieber, an old German song sung to children?

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    Oh the lover! Ach du Lieber, Augustine means Oh the lover, Augustine (a person).

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    "Ach du Lieber" means:

    Oh my dear.....

    I hope it helps you. It's the best way to translate it. I mean I should know it I'm Swiss.

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    Lieber is 'lover' - loosely translated this is something such as oh my gosh. du is the familiar singular form of you.

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    My grandma and mom used this phrase when they would drop something, or make a mistake. Mom said it is using the Lord's name in vain though. I say it all the time; out of habit.

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    "oh you dear"

    ach= oh

    du= you (familiar)

    Lieber= dear

    But the idiomatic translation would be "oh my goodness" or something like that.

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    Oh Heavens

  • 3 years ago

    Ach du lieber Gott, aber Augustin wurde versetzt fuer Gott.

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