engine runs at a high rpm does that mean the tps is not working?

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    Probably not the TPS. you can check if the TPS is operating correctly by using a volt meter on the wires going to the TPS. open and close the throttle and the voltage will rise and fall between 1-4 volts. Usually the IAC (Idle Air Control) goes bad it will cause the high idle. IAC is usually located near the TPS area and they go bad because they have a plastic diaphragm inside that melts from engine heat. Is this a Mustang you're talking about? If so, then almost guarantee its the IAC -a very easy fix.

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    It could be a vacuum leak - Grab a can of Carb & Choke and spray it around the vacuum lines. When you hear the RPM's drop, you've found your leak.

    It could be a clogged/sticking IAC, clogged/sticking throttle butterfly, or the TPS. Pull the air intake off and inspect/clean the throttle butterfly and IAC valve.

    Knowing the make/model/year would help pinpoint common problems. Older OBD-1's often don't throw codes until something is seriously wrong. Pulling codes isn't always an option. Using "Pull the codes" as a default response is just ignroant.

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    Sounds like a vacuum leak to me. Just the slightest pin hole in a vacuum line will increase the rpms. The best way that I found and I had some mechanics tell me to do this too is to take a can of starting fluid and spray around your vacuum hoses.It will usually kill the engine.

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    sounds more like a vacuum leak than anything else...unless you have a check engine light on then it posably could be a sensors...if the light is on go to the local parts store and they will pull the code for you

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  • 1 decade ago

    Possibly a vacuum leak or the idle control motor is sticking...It is possible that the throttle cable is sticking or the throttle plates in the throttlebody are sticking open....

  • mick
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    Your throttle position sensor is only one of several inputs to your car ecu.You need to get a code read out to put you in the right direction.Best of luck Mick.

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