What is cc and bcc used for when composing email?

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    'cc' stands for 'carbon copy' and means sending a copy of the same email to somebody. It is used to indicate that the email is mainly for the person who is in the 'To' box, but the 'cc' people may also like to see the email.

    For example, sometimes at work, you might send something to a client saying 'This is the information you asked for' and 'cc' your boss to show him that you have done the work. If you are asking somebody not to do something, then 'ccing' a manager can show that person that the issue is serious.

    'bcc' stands for Blind Carbon Copy, and means sending the same email to somebody, but hides the fact from the people in the 'To' and 'Bcc' box. The result is the same as forwarding an email, and is used to show somebody what you have sent, without alerting the main receiver of the email know. You can also use 'bcc' to send an email to lots of people, without showing all the addresses to everybody. This is sometimes used on small mailing lists.

    Note that in most software, if the receiver of an email clicks 'Reply to All' then it will go to all those in the 'To' box AND in the 'cc' box, but not to those in the 'bcc' box.

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    CC for carbon copy and bcc for blind carbon copy. Use CC for sending someone a copy of the original mail and use bcc for sending the bcc person a copy of the mail which no other receiver will know.

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    cc means carbon copy and bcc means blind carbon copy.

    When you mark a cc of a mail, the addressee of the mail

    can know that you have sent a copy to some one else.

    However, when you mark a bcc, the address will not come

    to know that you have sent bcc of the mail to some one else.

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    cc is used while sending copies to more than one recipient.

    bcc is used when u don't want the recipients that the copy has been sent to others as well.

    e.g. If u r getting married and want to invite all ur ex girl friends to the wedding u will put all the e mail addresses in the cc field but if u r trying to fix a date with many of these gfs and then u will send a "i love u" mail to all by putting the mail ids in the bcc Field.

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    cc stands for "carbon copy" -- a throwback to the days when secrataries had to use carbon paper to make copies of typewritten documents. For e-mail, whn you cc someone, you're basically sending them a copy of your e-mail. It's pretty much like putting another e-mail address in the recipient bar. bcc stands for "blind carbon copy". It's almost the same as cc except the normal e-mail recipient(s) won't see who was sent a blind copy of the e-mail. This function is particularly useful in the workplace, when you may want a superior to see what you're sending without the people to whom you're sending the e-mail be aware.

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    CC = Carbon Copy: this just sends a copy to whoever you choose.

    BCC = Blind Carbon Copy: sends a copy to whoever you choose but hiding the receipient so that the "acutal receipient" you are sending the email to, cant see that you sent a copy of the same email to somebody else.

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    CC: Carbon Copy...

    BCC: Blind Carbon Copy... uses when u dont want to reveal to whom all u send this mail...

    ( U can use it for sending same same letter for different Gal friends in a single mail)

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    cc-carbon copy

    bcc-blind carbon copy

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    CC stands for carbon copy: both the addressees would know you have sent him/her a copy of the message.

    BCC stands for blind carbon copy: the main addressee and other addressees would not know who else you've copied the message to.

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    cc = carbon copy, sends someone a copy of the mail and they can see who else it was send to

    bcc = blank carbon copy sends someone a copy of the mail but they can't see who else you sent it to.

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