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What does the word proctor mean when your speaking about a class that you have taken?

I went and took a class and was talking about it to a former teacher who thinks they are really above everyone else. In the mist of telling about what happened with how it all turned out this person ask who the proctor was? Well the person who gave instructions for the class intruduced himself by his name and as a dot officer and nothing else. Which by the way was an excellent instructer.

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    proctor |ˈpräktər| noun 1 a person who monitors students during an examination. 2 Brit. an officer (usually one of two) at certain universities, appointed annually and having mainly disciplinary functions. verb serve as a proctor. DERIVATIVES proctorial |präkˈtôrēəl| adjective proctorship |-ˌ sh ip| noun ORIGIN late Middle English : contraction of procurator .

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    In my school years it was always refered to by the teacher as someone assisting him/her in administering tests, such as another student.

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    I don't know

    by idearibbon

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