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what to do about chest pain after bypass heart surgery?

Hello, my Dad has had three bypasses done January this year. He's had chest pain during the summer and had to get a cath done. They found three blockages (2 were 90% blocked which they got, and 1 was 100 % blocked that they couldn't do much about. He was doing fine, but recently has chest pain. Is this normal, what should we do for him, any advice would be greatly appreciated. ( He doesn't smoke, drink, ect.. Eats really healthy, moderate exercise, moderate work. )

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    The bottom line is GO SEE YOUR CARDIOLOGIST. Having said that what I can offer is personnel experience. In 1982 I had three by passes done, in 1996 I had the same arteries by passed again, after that I still had some angina but it was controlled by medication prescribed by my GP . I am now 72yrs and still living life if only in the slow lane. Remember go see your Doc or cardio man !!!

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    Any change from his previous "was doing fine" is not normal. He could have a re-blockage in the bypass arteries or in a different artery or branch. I suggest he notify his doctor right away.

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    The doctor should have prescribed for your father NG (nitroglycerin) tablets (to be absorbed under the tongue) to be used when he got some pain. The doctor and your father should have established a schedule of taking NG tablets (perhaps whenever he had chest pain). This is something your father needs to know from his doctor.

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    Go to the ER if necessary

    You know,,,the "better safe than sorry" line....well, in this case, it's NOT a line....GO !!!!

    in the interim.....asperin [baby formula dosage] a blood thinner

    and...don't laugh....this is TRUE....

    garlic and onions contain a natural blood thinner.

    drug stores sell "garlic" type supplements

    onions can be served in any form...cooked, baked, fried, raw...and they still work.....avoid the sat fats however

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    He needs to see his heart specialist. People here are not qualified to give that kind of advice. Your dad has a serious condition that needs professional attention.

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    personally i get the doctors opinion rather than off an internet site

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    Speak to his Cardiologist.

    This is not the proper forum for medical advice.

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    i also had the same problems as long as the pain don't last it's ok but if it continues go to the er otherwise he will be fine.

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