what is the real cause of the israeli lebanon conflict?

Something in 1787???

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    Lebanon did not start the most recent round of conflict. The Arab-Israeli conflict has its roots going back 70 years, and the real cause of the problem is Israel. Arabs and jews lived together in peace for hundreds of years before the state of Israel was founded, and the influx of angry Zionistic jews from Russia and Europe changed all that. Hezbollah is a nationalistic resistance movement, fighting against Israeli aggression and occupation of Arab lands. The two solders captured were on Arab land occupied by Israel, and this is the core of the problem, which jews will simply not acknowledge. The crisis, remember, has been going on for decades, and it did not start a month ago. Israel has got to get out of denial and admit it is the cause of all the problems, something it will never do. It has got to get out of all occupied areas and stay out. It has got to stop bombing and destroying civilian areas and homes, something it does on a regular basis. It has got to release the tens of thousands of Palestinians held prisoner in Israeli dungeons. Israel's answer to everything is to bomb it into dust, and this Iron Wall mentality only makes things worse, yet the jews do not seem to get it. Until Israel can face reality, the violence will continue.

    Hezbollah is the real benefactor of the Lebanese people, Israel is the terrorist.

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    Israel and Lebanon are literally not at conflict. it quite is, neither united states has formally declared conflict on the different. The incursion through the Israeli military into Lebanon is in retaliation for the abduction of countless it really is infantrymen through Hezbollah, a political and paramilitary organization it quite is element of the Lebanese authorities, yet no longer it really is military. Hezbollah has also released rockets adversarial to civilian aims in northern Israel and so Israel has bombed aims in Lebanon in an attempt, all be it too heavy surpassed and inaccurate in it really is theory, to break the provision strains for the factors the position the missiles were released and destabilise the help Hezbollah get carry of from the Lebanese human beings.

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    It is a Aminajab Israel conflict.

    Iran had the largest Jewish population before it went Shia. For centuries Iran/Persia enjoyed prosperity and tolerance of all people. It had Pharsies Jews Muslims Russian Orthodox etc. People of all faiths living in peace. Then it became a Shia State.

    Slowly the tolerance faded and enemies started to appear.

    Now Aminajab has publicly sworn to destroy Israel

    To me one of the strangest aspects is that Persia rescued Israel from slavery in Babylon 2500 years ago. They were Israelis most loved of all Nations for 2475 years.

    Maybe it was the sour pickles that they both liked.

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    It goes waaaaaaaaaaaaay back further than that.

    It’s a fight between cousins.

    Both Jews and Arabs claim Abraham as the first of their tribe. Both claim that God gave the land to Abe.

    Abraham had two sons.

    Ishmael, the son of Hagar.

    Isaac, the son of Sarah.

    According to the Arabs, Abraham chose Ishmael as his heir.

    According to the Jews, Abraham chose Isaac.

    They have been fighting over the inheritance ever since.

    Abraham should have had a good lawyer (probably a Jewish one, his mother would have been so proud) to draw up his will. Then the problem would have been resolved.

    Jews have been in the land for 3000 years. Muslims for 1400.

    So, to the peaceful Muslims out there. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

    Thank you for you support.

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    Israel cannot be recognized and get support from the EU until it returns all lands laid out in 1967.

    Whenever they return land they get attacked.

    Arabs do not want Israel to be recognized and a full member of the EU. Even though Israel is there biggest trading partner

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    If you continue to go back to the beginning of time with every single justification for an act of self-defense then we will truly never have peace.

    You have to start from someplace and the latest U.N. resolution is as good as any. It's too bad that Israel has already broken it.

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    The wish to drive Israeli into the sea.

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    The Lebanese government. They are so pathetic they don't even have it in them to kick Hezbollah out of their country. Hezbollah brought that mess to Lebanon. That's who the Lebanese government should be pissed at!!!

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    There is no Israeli/Lebanonese conflict. It is Israel and Hezbollah.

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    The real cause? Israel just being what it is and the people in it being who they are. Israel, stolen land from Palestine, hates all Gentiles, period.

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