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Protecting your child from its crazy Father!!?

I am a soon 2 b teenage mother. I am pregnant by my ex boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. (was yuong & dumb) i decided that i didnt want 2 b wit him anymore, and then 2 weeks later i found out i was pregnant with my little girl. Since i announced my pregnancy, my childs father has said he was going to kill me, & that he didnt want the baby. His mother is crazy. She says the baby is hers and she is going to take her once she is born. They have harrassed me my whole 6 months of being pregnant by phones calls, text messages, and emails. They have called me all sort of names. My mother & i have went to the police station 3 times (and they say they cant do a damn thing), i have been to a conselor, & i have explained my situation to my doctor because im at a high risk pregnancy becuse of all the stress. Am i right for only wanting him & his family to have supervised visitation rights?? they already said they are gonna run away with my daughter. & im not tryna keep them away just keep my kid safe.

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    Document *everything*. Everytime they call, write the date and time down and what they said. If you go to Radio Shack they have recorders that you can hook into a phone to tape record the conversations.

    If they approach you in public, tell them *loudly* to leave you alone. Go to security. Continue calling the police. Tell them you are in fear of your safety and LIFE.

    After the baby is born, courts will be involved to deterine paternity and his rights & obligations. Provide copies of every bit of documentation you have to your lawyer and the state's lawyer and very loudly request that he get NO VISITATION at all. This will not affect his responsibility to pay child support (which is an obligation).

    If he/they show up on your parent's property do not hesitate to call the police. If he harasses you at school, contact a counselor OR school security.

    You should be able to get a restraining order, but you will need to document the harassment. If you can at least figure out dates of his previous harassment. Also, everytime you report it to the police insist that a report be filed.

    Good luck sweetie. You are most assuredly better off without this loser.

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    Wow,that's a sad situation. The best advise would be to go to legal aid and get a lawyer. Try to record and/or document some of the threats. Go to the District attorny's office and file a private criminal complaint. There might be a small fee, but you need to get some type of restraining order against both of them. If you live in a city, there's has to be some kind of help. Call the National Organization of Woman (NOW)...I'm sure they can direct you to help. Good Luck....

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    Well if it is at all possible, I would record all messages and take them to the police. Even if you have to go to every cop in the house, you will get someone's attention. At this point, I would NEVER allow the father or his mother to see the child. I know that sounds harsh, but if they are going to be threatening you and your baby, they don't need to be around. I hope you can find some safe haven. God Bless!

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    First off try and relax as much a possible and I would keep record of anything threating that he sent you. Print out copies of the emails and try to record any other information down. Keep a calendar of what he sends and how he sent it. So if they do try and take your baby you will have evidence that he is unstable. I think it is ok for you to want him to have supervisied visits. If he is threating to take the child and run I don't blame you at all!

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    record every conversation, save every text and email, and video tape too! you need to get a lawyer also. If it was me i wouldnt even let them have supervised visits. But you need to do what you can to protect yourself and your child. And keep going to the police station, again and again. You need to get a protection order.

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    You need to go down to your local courthouse first thing and get a restraining order against him and his family that is harrasing you. They will issue a temporary restraining order until a hearing can be set. Once he is served with the restraining order, and he harrases you or threatens you again, then the police can arrest him for violation.

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    Yes you are!! They should be lucky that you are even considering supervised visits, becuase if it was me and would fight for them not to be able to see my baby at all. Get a lawyer, and if you can get proof of those threats from him and his mother it would do you good.

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    they are extreme phsyco people. go get a lawyer before the baby is born. save the threatening things the father sends to you as proof to police/in court. and if none of that helps, if your life and your baby's is in jeaprody, leave town.

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    Record EVERYTHING . Video tape EVERYTHING then take it to the police station and ask them what are they waiting for a corpse ? Harassment is harassment , get a pfa on him , (protection from abuse ) , at your local magistrates office . If you are under age your Mom is responsible for you , and the child . So remember what I said RECORD RECORD RECORD .

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    you need to make sure you have a restraining order to protect you and your baby and you definitely need to make sure they have supervised visitation. save all there e-mails and text messages so you can prove their behavior in court.and i would change all my personal info so they can't get ahold of you .. good luck you need to be careful it's not just you nemore you have to protect your baby

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