computer's startup...............?

where would you look for a computer's startup information?


Bios or CPU.Ram.Rom

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    If you're looking for startup devices information, you will need to access your BIOS... Most common method of accessing this is pressing DEL key when your computer start. Some computers (proprietory) use F2 or F10 to access the BIOS.

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    If you're looking for information about programs that runs when your computer starts, then you can do this 3 ways...

    First Method...

    a) Click Start --> Programs --> Startup (the startup programs would be in here). Or go to the directory path below

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    Second Method...

    a) Click Start --> Run --> Type regedit and press ENTER

    b) Now, look for this key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> SOFTWARE --> Microsoft --> Windows --> CurrentVersion --> Run

    Third Method (This method assumes you are using Windows XP)...

    a) Click Start --> Run --> Type msconfig and hit ENTER

    b) A window titled "System Configuration Utility" pops up.

    c) Click on the Startup tab, it will list the programs that startups when Windows load.

    Note: If you want to see services that runs when your system starts then, click on the Services tab when running msconfig

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    Hope this helps...

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    To get a list of programs that startup with your computer go to the start menu than run and you should get a text box. Type "msconfig" in this box and it will pull up a window that you can do all kinds of fun stuff in but what you are looking for is the tab that should say "startup" on it. This is a list of everything that starts up with your computer. DO NOT mess with this list unless you know what your doing.

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    the manual. depends on which start up youre talking about.

    the computers or the operating systems?

    turn on the pc, hit del (usually). theres the bios.

    all kinds of info there.

  • 1 decade ago

    in the Internet simply

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