where can I watch French football?

Is there any sort of satellite or cable or something of the sort that I can get to watch French club football (ligue 1)? I currently live in the U.S. and they don't show any French matches here.

Thanks. :)


I don't live in France, so "France" is not an option.

I am European so that's why I call it football. And since this is the "French football" section, I used the term correctly.

Thanks to those who actually answered the question.

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    DishNetwork includes Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV in their Top 180, then for a mere $20.00 you can add TV5 and another French channel. That way you can probably catch many matchs.

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    In France

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    I'm no expert but I think you could watch French football somewhere in France.

  • They showed ligue 1 games on Fox Soccer Channel last season, and I assume they will be this year.

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    i like france and french football so iam not so expert but i will say u one thing that there is 1 software wf tv install that

    then u will understand

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    i m watching it in turkey 4 free if u can find NTV on sattelite u can watch free but i cant give u the frequency cuz it is illegal

    also u can watch england spain italy or champions leauge matches nba or europe basketball ,turkish leauge , motorsports , swimming..etc for free

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    real football fans wouldn't mind watching any football match and keep in mind that in america and canada, football is called soccer.

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    Any international channels are available on satellite dish.

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