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Environmental legislation applicable to steam locomotives?

Which environmental or other legislation is applicable to steam and diesel locomotives

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    Steam locomotives are the only ones that I am familiar with. Federally there is a total of one that covers heritage steam locomotives & there are 6 requirements as to what a heritage locomotive can be classified as which narrows the legislation even more.

    I have "heard" the legislation governing diesel lococomotives is lax for the same reason buses and large trucks are, they are less strict because of the amount of weight or people they can carry while using only 1-4 engines.

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    In the UK a group of enthusiasts are constructing a replica A1 pacific locomotive this new engine has to conform to modern safety standards, so the boiler has to be welded. But it does not have to be any more environmentally friendly then an old steam engine.

    Heritage lines have to agree not to use their whistles too much or at inappropriate times, again safety not environmental legislation requires them to thoroughly service or rebuild the locomotives every 10 years.

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    Diesel locomotives manufactured from 1972 to 1985 (?) fall under the EPA Tier 0 emission requirements. From 1986 to 2005 (?) they fall under the EPA Tier 1 emission requirements and from 2006 on, the Tier 2 requirements. There are no emission requirements for locomotives manufactured prior to 1972.

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    Its not sad... Steam engines as far as I know are exempt to most regs due to age and there aren't many anyway so theres no point in regulating them.. I think vintage diesels are exempt also (in the hands of museums) although don't quote me on this.

    Modern Diesels owned by carriers are regulated by off-road diesel, Tier II EPA regs...

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    as far as i know not many. pretty sad.

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