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Hydrogen Peroxide?

how can i make stable hydrogen perxide unstable?

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    Hydrogen peroxide is readily decomposed by peroxidase, an enzyme found in meat, liver, and blood. Potatoes also enzymatically decompose hydrogen peroxide.

    Hydrogen peroxide may also be broken apart with silver; pushing high concentration hydrogen peroxide (try a hydroponics store for concentrated H2O2) through a silver mesh can be used to produce a rocket-like effect.

    Be very careful with high strength H2O2; it is surprisingly powerful even in small concentrations. It burns skin, eyes, etc., and can also cause spot fires. If allowed to dry on cloth or leather, as the water evaporates it leaves behind concentrated hydrogen peroxide. This may spontaneously ignite later. The 3% solution for medical purposes is nothing in comparison to higher concentrations (i.e., 30%, 50%, 70%, and even higher).

    See also the information from the Wikipedia article, referenced below.

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    Add it to a catalyst such as finely divided platinum in the presence of heat.

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    Light, heat. Almost any kind of radiation or temperature change.

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