Why are people so suspicious of Colombia?

I don't get it! Most people think Colombians are all drug dealers and coffee exporters.

When I was at the airport, my flight coming in from Colombia got 4 dogs sniffing every person, the flight from Germany behind us got 1. Why?


Have you ever even BEEN to Colombia? 80 percent of the cocaine, yes, but it comes from a small percent of the Colombian population.

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    1 decade ago
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    ok ok so yes, the question is answered, it is because 80% of the cocain come from there. but i do find it wrong to stereotype the people of Colombia. not all, in fact very few of the people have anything to do with the drug. I myself lived in Colombia for 4 years. it is a beautiful country rich in culture and diversity, not to mention beautiful people. the men are very romantic and the women are very warm and loving at heart. so yes it is wrong for the united states to automatically assume that everyone comming from there is carrying cocaine. and to add to that, alot of americans stereotype people of color. myself being of native american and Hawaiian decent, am brown skinned and more often than not get flagged at the airport and have to go through the extra security, which i find to be very degrading and humiliating.

  • Dragon
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    You answered your own question -80 percent of the cocaine comes from Columbia. It's just sensible allocation of resources. Nobody thinks all Columbians are dealing in drugs (or in coffee, for that matter), it's just that since drug dealers don't carry signs identifying themselves as such, the dogs are used to try to catch any that might try to sneak in.

    Used to work with a lady who was from Columbia & her father was a florist who imported exotic flowers from Columbia on a regular basis. He knew that his shipments would be scrutinized & that some of his flowers would even be destroyed by security people, but he didn't blame the security for reduced profits -he blamed the drug dealers (if they didn't have to check so vigorously for drugs coming from Columbia, his shipments wouldn't be handled so much & less flowers would die prematurely). He was Columbian, and he understood why he was being checked.

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    Sometimes one bad experience can do it. What are the politics like? Being famous for drugs is not a really good thing. But you're right, coffee is good.

    For me, my ex got involved with a 'dancer' from there, so I don't really have fond thoughts, but I know, rationally that not all Columbians are nasty. I'm sure the people and country, apart from the drugs are probably really beautiful and just like the rest of us, trying to get by.

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    It's because 80% of the cocaine in the US is from Colombia, retard. I'll bet you also wonder why they have the drug sniffers on the flights from Jamaica!

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    It's because all of the Columbia women are beautiful and the men are handsome and rugged.. That is why!!!

    Curse you all for being so good looking.

  • you just answered your own question!!! maybe the drug dealing comes form the "minority of the population" but its still 80%.

    Source(s): in a documentary about the economy in columbia i learned that even if most of the population doesnt consume the drug, they still traffic it because is the only means of agricultural production. The land is fit for growing cocaine.
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    1 decade ago

    Are they?

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