Does Lebanon go by the worlds map that acknowledges Israel or the Islamic map that omits Israel?


Israel attacked Hezbollah because Hezbollah attacked Israel. I have recently found out that Islam has a different map that doesn't acknowledge Israel. Lebanon started out with a large % of Christians. So seems like they would acknowledge Israel. No one seems to know for sure.

If Lebanon had a strong military & attacked Israel, Israel would attack Lebanon to defend herself.

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    Lebanon is not 100% Islamic, approximately half of Lebanese are Maronite Christians and others Druze and other small minority religions. Lebanon is not trying to erase Israel from the world map because it is more of a antisemitic move which mostly are being pushed by extremist muslims in Lebanon and all over the world. Ask a Muslim, they all want Israel to vanish. So you have to understand that not all in Lebanon wants that but some of them are being dragged into some mess that they never planned to have. The problem is that Israel are trying to drag these innocent Lebanese citizens into their anger that's why we can see that they have united once more in denouncing Israel because Israel, we have to admit, is too arrogant with the might that they have plus U.S. support. If Lebanon has fleets of state of the art fighter planes and warships, I believe Israel will think twice before releasing their first bomb but Lebanon is militarily weak that's why they are being bullied by stronger nations including Syria and Iran pretending to be their friends but are actually using them as a battlefront in order to start annihilating the Jews. Hezbollah is not really a recognized government but look at how they distribute large sums of money in US dollars. Where do you did these large sum of hundred dollar bills came from?

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