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can somebody help me with information regarding wireless internet access vs. cable, high speed & dsl?

I have very limited knowledge about internet access, but need a faster speed than dial up - depending on area of availablity, what is the best connection and how can I set this up?

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    cable is the best option and most stable form. dsl/adsl is quite good, but not as stable as cable (hey i rhyme!). wireless internet is not an internet service as such, it still requires a cable/adsl internet connection coming into your home, it's just bit of hardware that means you don't have to have your pc near the phone socket in your home.

    if isp companies where you are are anything like here in the uk, you get a very easy to follow set of instructions on paper and on a talking cd, it normally requires little more than clicking 'next' then entering your username and password when asked.

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    There are several different questions you must answer your self such before deciding on a technology.

    Cable is usually the fastest overall although it can suffer from local loop congestion. The cost is usually the highest and there is no portability beyond adding a router or WAP to extend the local area somewhat.

    DSL suffers from the lack of portability as well and is normally quite a bit slower than a cable connection. There is no local loop congestion. One drawback to DSL is that due to the popularity of cable, the DSL companies have arbitrarily extended the wire distances that are considered to be acceptable for the service to work properly. Therefore many DSL subscribers have found themselves locked in to a multimonth contract with a service that is not truely viable.

    In the wireless arena you have several choices!

    Many cellular companies are offering "broadband" connections with speeds conforable to DSL. They are portable and will work as long as you are in range of one of their towers. The problem starts when you leave the major metro areas as these services then slow down to dial up speeds. So these can be a good choice if you need portability and usually do not leave the big city. You will need a "special" wireless adapter for this hookup.

    Another wireless solution is Satellite internet, which carries very big startup and monthly costs. While actually portable the setting up of the dish is not a quick affair. This is a good choice for RV bound users that stay for a few days before changing location or for locations where there is no other service.

    Many municipalities are now offering wireless access using standard WIFI equipment. This can be a good choice if you are constantly on the move and do not want to deal with special equipment. Just beware that the wireless signal will not penetrate many building materials and you loose service entirely when out of range.

    So you can see that your particular situation must be looked at to choose the ideal ISP for your needs.

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  • Anonymous
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    Mm If your computer has wireless then go ahead and get a router. However i would prefer to use direct Broadband connections. You need a modem of course!!!

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  • Yoi_55
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    I would go with is faster than DSL and I have never had any problems with mine. Contact your local cable company and ask them about it.

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