ORACLE ERP Certification?

Get Oracle ERP 11i Administrator Certification

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    Oracle ERP Developer Specialist

    Certificate Program

    This program focuses on Oracle installation in UNIX, Oracle11i ERP installation in UNIX, Oracle financials modules, Oracle human resources modules and Oracle manufacturing modules. Hands-on experiences using a Sun Solaris 8.0 UNIX box are key in each module. You will be working in the server room to build the UNIX system, Oracle database, and ERP applications.

    You Will Learn:

    * Hands-on practice on Oracle servers in UNIX

    * Installation and configuration of Oracle database in UNIX

    * Installation and configuration of Oracle11i ERP modules

    * Oracle financials: G/L, A/R, A/P and others

    * Oracle Human Resources: payroll, benefits and others

    * Oracle manufacturing: purchasing, inventory, order, BOM, customer and others

    Who Should Attend?

    * Individuals who wish to have hands-on Oracle experiences in UNIX

    * End users or individuals with little or no computer background who wish to become an Oracle ERP developer or ERP functional analyst

    * Professionals or intermediate Oracle DBA/developers who wish to learn Oracle11i ERP modules

    * All IS, computer science (or related field) students who wish to work in Oracle11 ERP

    How Do I Complete the Certificate?

    * Complete all six modules.

    * Complete class projects and assignments.

    * To receive the certificate in the current semester, a maximum of one class meeting may be missed. To complete the certificate the following semester, additional absences may be made up at a fee of $50 per class, subject to availability.

    8.6 Continuity Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded upon request as a permanent record of one's attendance, if requested by the last class meeting.

    Modules for Current Term

    Oracle - Human Resources

    This module introduces the principles of Oracle 11i ERP human resource functions, payroll, benefits, enrollment and eligibility.

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    Oracle Erp Certification

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    ORACLE ERP Certification?

    Get Oracle ERP 11i Administrator Certification

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    Oracle certifications are the great platform to stick to the market.

    Following are the benefits of ERP Certification.

    1) Faster Implementation, Lower Risk, and Better Business Results.

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    2) Exalytics Ready

    Eighty or more Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Hyperion execution administration applications are accessible today for associations to use in conjunction with Oracle Exalytics without application changes. A mix of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Oracle's business sector driving systematic applications empowers you to go past the customary limits of information investigation and concentrate important business understanding from monstrous volumes of information at the pace of thought. This astute machine can deal with anything from Big Information, exceptionally quick information perception, to conveying examination for anybody, anyplace, at whatever time.

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