why does my computer keep freezzing?

i have about 20 gigs worth of music

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    1 decade ago
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    anti spyware blocker

    spybot search & destory

    spyware blaster



    Windows Defender



    anti spyware firewall<<<<<<<<this runs with zonealarm it is a antispyware wall and is ok to run with all firewalls


    not free

    ad-aware professional 6.0 /ad-watch 3.0


    not free

    ewido anti-spyware 4.0


    not free

    spy doctor


    not free

    XoftSpy 4.22 is the Latest and Most Advanced Spyware Detection and

    aol.spyware Detection

    pop up spyware



    Browser Hijackers







    back door trojans

    Malicious mobile code


    toolbar trojans that dont show up

    hacking trojans to take your email accout/passwords

    screen name account passwords

    download xoftspy422 and install it then run it stop the scan and click on scan settings tick every box and click on where it says >> click here to select a folder then tick the (c) thats your hard drive if you have 2 hard drives tick the 2 of them then click ok

    then click start when the scan is done click on remove tab


    them that are not free are damn good

    ? is your pc still slow & your internet you have done a full system scan

    with your anit virus /anti spyware you even defragmenter your hard drive

    done a scan disk but your pc is still slow and your internet is not as good you even format the hard drive and your internet is still slow

    your pc is not running fast as it was ?

    you do make sure you call your (isp) or this will happen

    then you need to check your router it dont mater what router you have

    people in the vicinity is on your network

    you call your (isp)



    it dont matter what router you have you need to get

    (GAMES & APPLICATION SHARING ) set to disable

    is your router safe?

    you need to call your (isp) server

    they have to get you in to your router home page

    then from there ..copy & paste the router home page

    into a notepad then save that to a back up cd

    now from there they have to take you to the part


    then you click on ( GAMES & APPLICATION SHARING) icon

    then at the top of the page on the right your see

    configure.. you click on configure

    then you .. UN-TICK .. the box ( GAMES & APPLICATION SHARING)

    that is ticked there ...

    then you click look down the page your see

    <<<<APPLY < < tab click on APPLY

    if you have a wireless router

    and then ask them where you set up a wpa-security key dont use a 128bit wep key ask to use a wpa- security that is your router security key and you pick the wpa-security key not your (isp)server . just ask them where you set one up they will say use a wep-key ..ignore them you say your going to use a wpa.key and want to know how to set one up and remember you pick the wpa-key not your (isp)server or they will use your network

    now you close off the page

    and clean out your internet address bar

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you have software or/and hardware problem :

    Hardware, I will suppose you are using compatible PC NOT a HP,IBM,Compaq or Mac. So what you need that you check the processor fan works fine and check the Hardware pc health in the Bios setup program.I suggest you add extra fan in your CPU for more cooling. check if you lastly plugged any not working fine hardware like (extended H.D or so)

    check if your all hardware Drivers are from the Manufacture Co.

    If all of this working fine or you solved anything let's go to the second step which are :

    Software, I will suppose you are Using MS Windows so if you can install a frech copy so it will work faster , if you willnot then let's uninstall all the unwanted programs.

    Install or update a good AntiVirus I suggest (AVG) http://www.grisoft.com/

    Don't use AntiSpyware programs unless you are hardly attacked by Ad,spywares.

    If the problem still exist I suggest you buy a new one :)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    it would want to easily be a CPU fan malfunction... If the CPU fan isn't at comprehensive skill, or isn't operating in any respect, the computer will close off suddenly. it could be an overheating problem besides (on the problem of the above), make positive the computer isn't crammed right into a nook or positioned next to a warmth source.

  • 1 decade ago

    I can say it is affected by the size of your music. Delete some, maybe that will help a bit. Or get yourself a computer will fast processor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to defrag your machine right after you do a complete scan. Hopefully you have an antivirus program because freezing is often caused by a virus.

  • 1 decade ago

    the music could be your problem especially if you are using a free software to download it. That stuff comes with tons of adware and spyware. If thats not the case you may have a virus.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it might be full of junk if that's the problem reformat but first turn it off and see if the fan is stuck mine was full of cat hare and dust particles...be careful anything brakes its expensive to fix...i helped build my computer and clean it

  • 1 decade ago

    u must clean out ur computer old files --- u gotta clean out the cookies file -the temporary file-history file-than defragment your computer that takes acouple of hours so do that over night n you'll c it will b working better.

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    1 decade ago

    Dam that's freakin too much. . .delete them now!!!!!!!

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